How will you stand out to land the position?

Still looking to land that perfect summer experience?


It’s hard to have a stand out resume in today’s digital world – it means going above and beyond a fancy font and exceptional organizational skills. Having great experience is necessary, but millennials are continuing to outdo each other by making themselves noticeable in other, more creative ways.

We’ve compiled a few of the most impressive, stand out millennial applicants that have gone viral:

So, did they land the gig?

For Lindsay, although it didn’t take her past an interview with UofM, it did land her a position with us (Ingenex Digital Marketing)! The Lego resume has helped Leah to get into contact with many employers but has not yet landed her a position. The Resume Bar worked great for Nick, and he got the position he was targeting.

Each of these viral examples have been a great way to be noticed and get your foot-in-the-door – but because these are just a way to stand out, it’s still essential to nail the interview.

Helpful tips from the Ingenex interns:

  • be yourself
  • be prepared
  • be honest – we know you’re a student and still learning
  • be open to new possibilities
  • be ready to learn


Next steps… apply! Make a cover letter, update your resume and join our team in Ann Arbor!

photo credit: One Way Stock via photopin cc

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