Social Networking is Communication on Massive Scale

Social Networking on the internet has been around for a long time but in its earliest forms I remember MySpace was the place to go. It’s funny how things have changed so much, people join social networks to stay connected with their friends and family during all times of the day and just recently companies realized they can harness the power of social networking to connect on a personal level with their consumers, as if a giant rock fell from the sky and hit them on the head. Everywhere I go I see the Facebook logo in store windows. I was even driving on the road and to my surprise I saw a giant Facebook logo on in a gas station window. Marketing firms have been integrating social media into their services as a channel of communication and that is what it is. It all comes down to ‘Communication’ whether it is on a global scale fueling a revolution in Egypt or a company like Old Spice repositioning itself and connecting personally with its consumers. It is communication with a market segment of over 500 Million people and counting.

So where will it go from here and what will we see next? I hate to bring Google into this but we have to. Facebook has all of our personal information (demographics) and knows what we like (interests) but Google knows what we do on the internet, exactly what we do. I am sure that these places are selling our information to marketing firms as I write this, to be honest they kind of already offer some of it for free to the registered business accounts on their sites its called ‘insight’ and lets registered businesses know everything we do on their pages from the amount of time we spend on them to the items we click. I think as new technology continues to develop that social networking will become further integrated into our lives. Lets look at some examples. TV’s, Videogame consoles, and Smartphones have Facebook/Twitter apps now. I cannot wait until the day when I wake up and I can access my Facebook page from my refrigerator or better yet my toaster!!! People also start to think that since these websites are so popular that they will start charging money to register a simple user account. I doubt that would ever happen. Why would a website charge money to a consumer when it can charge money to the business trying to connect with that free user? It doesn’t make any sense, so it wont happen.  If you are wondering what else will happen on these websites just remember anything is possible because it is uncensored communication on a massive level… This is why I was not surprised at all when I found out Twitter was used to start and continue  a revolution in Egypt. Of course it was it is communication on a massive level between thousands of upset youthful Egyptians.

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