Twitter Unleashes Photo Sharing for All Users

Twitter + Photobucket

The next time you log into your Twitter account you will be sure to notice the pop-up informing you of Twitter’s newest feature. Photo and video sharing, which debuted in June, is now available to all Tweeters.

Users will now see the added camera icon at the bottom of the “What’s Happening Now?” box where users can then select a photo to upload and preview the photo before publishing it. Tweets containing photos will have a thumbnail of the attached photo as well as a link.

Twitters Prompt


This feature is being released before the launch of Apple iOS5. Twitter is essentially the default social network for iOS users due to its strong integration in the mobile OS. Users with iOS5 will be able to upload photos via Twitter, but Twitter has not yet said when Android and iOS apps will have the mobile photo upload feature.

Photobucket will provide the hosting for all user-uploaded photos on Twitter. This new feature creates a bit of a stir among third party companies such as TwitPic, Yfrog and Twitgoo that have been providing Twitter users to show images to their followers.


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