Tumblr, GIFs, #WSWCM

If you’re in the younger community that populates the social media world, you’ve been exposed to some form of a “What Should We Call Me” blog post. What started as a tumblr blog to keep two friends in touch as they traveled to opposite ends of the country is now a social media cultural phenomenon.

Tumblr has long been a popular platform, but it’s an unspoken sort of popularity that differs from that of Facebook or Twitter. Although the “What Should We Call Me” (WSWCM) culture has been around for a few months now, it still gains more and more fans and of course, imitators as well. WSWCM tumblr pages have popped up within tons of communities ranging from universities, tv show fans, student groups, and more. No matter which blog of GIFs you may find you’re bound to end up laughing- and wasting a solid chunk of time procrastinating.

The WSWCM movement is just another amazing way that social media can blow up without much effort. It makes me wonder, what will the next big viral phenomenon be?

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