WordPress Job Available At Ingenex

Ingenex Digital Marketing is looking to hire a WordPress Developer! Ingenex is a result driven digital marketing agency that has clients across the United States and Canada. Derek Mehraban, Ingenex CEO and your potential boss, is looking for an employee who is creative and understands web design thoroughly. “I want my clients to get the latest and greatest of everything,” Mehraban stated. This means you have to be able to create the latest designs and implement them into a WordPress CMS.


Not only must you be a WordPress professional, but Mehraban is looking for an employee who has quality personal traits. “We are looking to hire someone who is hardworking, pays attention to detail, accurate, fun to be around and always delivers above and beyond,” Mehraban says.

“I want a coworker who is driven, passionate about work and dedicated to staying current on new digital trends,” Content Manager Ashlie Forchione said. In the world of digital marketing, trends are always changing so it is important to evolve with technology. Clients need to be provided with the latest and greatest forms of technology, and that improves what you can provide as a WordPress Developer.

Is Ingenex the right company for you? When asked about working at Ingenex  Social Media Coordinator Lauren Schneider said, “My favorite part about working at Ingenex is having the ability and opportunity to have your voice count. You aren’t just part of a mix, you will have your area of expertise and your work will be noticed.”

The Ann Arbor branch of Ingenex is located on Main Street, and will soon be moving to a new location in Downtown Ann Arbor within the month. “At the Ann Arbor location, we can appreciate what the city has to offer to the agency with the fun environment. It has always been my dream to work in Downtown Ann Arbor” Content Producer Erin O’Neill said.

Nervous about the potential interview? Here are some wise words of advice from current Ingenex employees:

“Don’t forget to smile!” — Forchione

“Be yourself and don’t be afraid!” — Schneider

“Be prepared to talk about your work. Come in with example pieces.” — O’Neill

To find more information about the position please visit:

WordPress Plugin: All In One SEO

During this fall internship, we’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy to search engine optimization (SEO) — both learning what it is and how to do it, and then putting that knowledge to use. Up to this point, businesses have provided SEO as a service to those hoping to bring traffic to their website. But now it seems that might become a thing of the past. Everything on the Internet is shifting towards keywords and tags. Soon that will be the model upon which the Internet is navigated. So then one might ask, “Is there a way to automatically generate keywords based on a site’s content?” And it turns out that such methods are being developed today.

The first one I found is particularly applicable for bloggers such as myself. It’s a WordPress plugin called All In One SEO, developed by Semper Fi Web Design. I came across it last week as I was searching their plugin database for helpful tools. Out of 279 user reviews, it has an average rating of about 4 out of 5. But what exactly does the plugin claim to do? As stated on the WordPress page, the plugin should optimize your blog for search engines, generate META tags, avoid duplicate content, and more. The plugin claims to work “out of the box” for WordPress 2.3, with no fiddling necessary (Unfortunately we’re on to WordPress 2.6.2). They also say you can override META tags and specify most settings.

That all sounds great, but is there more to the story? As far as I can tell, there’s no way to confirm that the plugin is actually doing what it’s supposed to do. Time for some more research, and more writing about Digital Marketing on my own blog.

An Utterli New Way To Share Messages

These days there’s never any telling what web site will become the next big thing. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that Twitter would become such a big sensation. Personally, I’d rather post on a blog where I can write more, or put a status update on Facebook with the rest of my info. Twitter didn’t make sense until I realized how easy it makes it to share links with a ton of people. And that’s fun, but you’re still limited to text – 140 characters of text, which ends up between 10-15 words.

Luckily the Internet is all about progress, and one way to move beyond the Twitter model is Utterli. This site features the same concept, except you can also post photos, video, and audio. One obvious downside is the appearance. Twitter is simply beautiful, whereas Utterli feels boxey, cold, and unfriendly. Another downside: you can’t embed someone else’s video, photo, or audio on Utterli. You can only upload or record your own. However, if you have a video camera or microphone, it’s a pretty cool option to be able to record right on their site.

Other than the obvious snags, it seems to be a very useful web tool. You can also update from your phone like on Twitter. I have no idea how much that costs, since I’m currently a “web only” social media user. Utterli seems to promote cross-posting between other services like YouTube, Twitter, and WordPress (which is strange, since I can’t find any way to bring content in from a site like YouTube). Utterli may become the next big thing, or someone might come up with something better. For now all we can do is give it a whirl, and try not to get too addicted.

Activities At Ingenex

In my short time here at Ingenex I have already learned a great deal about the digital marketing world. It all started with self-branding. What is that you ask? Self-branding in the digital world is basically just getting your name out there, creating an online presence. There are many ways to do this, starting with avenues such as LinkedIn and AboutUs, you can create professional profiles. These new pages on the internet are searchable in all major search engines, letting you control what potential clients/leads may read about you.

Another very useful tool Derek has taught us is the manner of linking, or intertwining, these new pages. Once there are credible links going in and out of your pages, you have now become even more easily searchable on the vast web. If you do a good enough job optimizing the words on your page, even Google will recognize it with their Page Rank system. Keep things concise and professional, but be informative as possible.

Creating profiles on the two pages listed above, as well as starting (and maintaing) a blog, is a great beginning to your new digital presence. Try WordPress to get your blog going, and be sure to link all of these new sites together (insert a link to your new blog and AboutUs page in your LinkedIn profile, etc.).

You’ve just got your feet wet in the exciting world of Social Media Marketing (SMM), a form of internet marketing used to achieve branding (you are self-branding) through participation in social media networks. Don’t stop there! Continue to build out your pages, and explore additional channels for you to gain more recognition on the internet.