Memorial Day Fun in Ann Arbor

Find your old American Flag t-shirt and bathing suit and kick the summer off right this Memorial Day weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Honor America’s Veterans and take advantage of all the special events and deals around town.

Finding a place to stay can be expensive and annoying, but Weber’s Hotel and Restaurant Memorial Day weekend specials make finding a place to stay easy and affordable. The Ann Arbor hotel room rates start at $99 and poolside rooms and suites receive $49 off. If you decide to stay another day rooms are only $49 on Monday, 5/30. You can relax in the sun all day and enjoy Weber’s Four Seasons pool and recreation area, game room and Cabana Café. For more details visit Weber’s Facebook page.

The Annual Memorial Day Observance will honor veterans this Monday. The event begins at 2 p.m. and will consist of a flag ceremony, 21-gun salute, notable speakers and much more. This is a great way to teach your children or siblings the importance of Memorial Day. Bring a blanket or lawn chair to 2521 Glazier Way and experience the fun.

There are events throughout the weekend to keep everyone busy. The Washtenaw County Historical Society will host a series of activities to honor American history and Veterans Saturday and Sunday 5/28 – 5/29. The activities include a Civil War exhibit, wreath making and card making. The cards will be donated to the Ann Arbor, VA Hospital. The event is another great way for children to learn about our country and the origins of Memorial Day.

Relaxing on Memorial Day is always a good option. The Ann Arbor Country Club will host an open pool party on Memorial Day from 12 noon – 6pm. Guests are admitted for free and can enjoy a wonderful day by the pool with friends. Food is available for purchase and guests are encouraged to check out the benefits of an AACC membership. The event is also a fundraiser for Dexter community students and teachers. 10 percent of any AACC memberships sold will go to support the students and teachers in the Dexter Community School district.

Ring the summer in the right way. Celebrate Memorial Day in Ann Arbor by honoring our Veterans, spending time with friends and family, relaxing and having a great time.

Visit Ann for a complete list of Memorial Day events and specials.

Weber’s Inn Reveals Their New Website!

Weber’s Inn, the boutique hotel in Ann Arbor, MI, unveiled their new, and much improved website today. Speaking as someone who very much enjoys Weber’s Restuarant, and checks the website often, this is a great relief. The site before was adequate, but now it is enjoyable. The design is beautiful, and it so easy to navigate. Everything is clearly marked and organized and easy to find.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Weber’s, it consists of three major entities: Weber’s Inn, Weber’s Restaurant, and The Habitat Ultralounge. One of the great things about this new site is that it clearly distinguishes between the three places and makes it easy to tell them apart. On the old site everything looked the same, which is so unlike the three very distinct parts.

Weber’s Inn: The deluxe, full service Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property, founded in 1937 by Herman Weber,  is still owned and operated by the Weber family. It has been a staple in the Ann Arbor area for over 80 years and offers stylish surroundings, comfortable beds, and deluxe amenities in a classic setting. In a work of true design genius the website reflects the style of the hotel to a tee, presenting a modern layout and features with a classic design. In addition to the aesthetics, the Weber’s Inn page offers clear communication of features and amenities, and provides a very easy interface for making reservations.

Weber’s Restaurant: Perhaps my favorite part of the hotel, Weber’s Restaurant offers fine dining in Ann Arbor at a reasonable price, something that isn’t easy to find. Their juicy steaks and vast selection of wine are perfect on a dreary winter night. The restaurant is warm and inviting and, again, their page of the site reflects that perfectly. Like the hotel, the restaurant’s page is clearly organized and even has a section that allows you to make reservations without any hassle. Their menus are posted on the site and there are even several mouthwatering pictures of some of their popular dishes.

The Habitat Ultralounge: The Habitat Ultralounge is a fun, modern place with live music, great food, and a fully stocked bar. It is a great place to be on a Friday or Saturday night and have some fun with friends. The design of the page reflects the vibrancy of the lounge perfectly. The pages is informative and clearly lists all of the upcoming events and specials.

In addition to the three main areas of the website there is also a very clear and organized events and catering section. It truly is a well rounded and beautifully designed site. It is definitely a great improvement from before.

A Taste of Ann Arbor at a Great Value- Weber’s Inn and Restaurant

This week’s A Taste of Ann Arbor took us outside of our typical walking distance to Weber’s Restaurant and Hotel, located on Jackson Avenue in Ann Arbor, MI. The boutique hotel, well known for its overnight accommodations in Ann Arbor added its restaurant to the mix in 1937, and has remained a landmark Ann Arbor hotel and restaurant, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, for over 70 years.

Weber’s Ann Arbor restaurant features a daily lunch buffet offered at an affordable price. Today’s buffet options included salad, sandwiches, kielbasa, sauerkraut and soup – all of which many guests in the main dining room, where we were seated, seemed to be enjoying. However, to get a true feeling for the affordable lunch menu, each of us (Megan, Tiffany and myself) ordered from a variety of menu options.

Our very kind and attentive waitress started our meal with a warm basket of bread, the perfect beginning to any fine dining experience. Our menu choices included, french onion soup, walnut chicken Gorgonzola salad, chicken picatta and a french dip sandwich. All of which were delicious, and served to perfection.

That atmosphere created within the walls of Weber’s Restaurant and Hotel is peaceful, and unique. After enjoying our meal in the main dining room, complete with monogrammed place mats, glasses and a variety of beautiful chandeliers that complete the interior design, we gave ourselves a tour of the area and found these other seating locations:

  • Ventura Bar -the perfect place for wine tasting, fine ports and after dinner drinks
  • Habitat Ultra Lounge – a spot for enjoying dancing, bands and entertainment in Ann Arbor
  • Outdoor Terrace – next to the Habitat Ultra Lounge, this outdoor dining area allows up to 50 guest to experience beautiful annual flowers while seated under designer shade umbrellas

Weber’s Restaurant and Hotel has created an all inclusive experience for all of its guests. One of the top ranked hotels in Michigan and Diner’s Choice winner at for 2010, Weber’s also offers banquet and conference property to its guests. So whether you are nearby, or across the country on a business trip or a vacation, Weber’ Restaurant and Hotel is the perfect Ann Arbor destination. We all enjoyed it, and we hope you will too.

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