Is the Lip Dub Back?

Lip dub videos got a lot of hype a year or so back, but with this most recent trending marriage proposal video, I have to ask- is the lip dub making a comeback?

In the video Isaac’s Live Lip-Dub Proposal, Issac has set up an elaborate marriage proposal to his girlfriend including guest appearances from family and friends. I’ve got to admit, I’m pretty jealous. Amy, Isaac’s girlfriend now fiancee, is one lucky girl, and her surprised and ecstatic expressions have been filmed throughout the entire video. This is definitely a tribute to love, meaningful relationships, and the rest of that lovey-dovey stuff, but also, a little less obviously, it’s a tribute to social media.

Video is a powerful social media resource and it’s importance seems to just keep growing. First it was the rise of YouTube, then Google’s acquisition of YouTube, then the popularity of Vimeo, and now Socialcam is a mobile app starting to make an appearance on the social media scene and an app to continue to watch as it gains even more users. This particular lip dub video has been uploaded to Vimeo which allows viewers to share the videos through social media. At this time, this video has over 2.5 million plays, 340,000 Facebook likes, 8,145 Tweets, 151 +1’s, featured on countless news outlets across TV and the internet, and it’s only existed on the internet for a week! This is the beauty of the internet and the potential of going viral- you can spread your story fast, far, and for cheap.

Don’t miss out on this viral video, make sure to watch the incredible video below.