News flash for your smartphone!

More and more photos are being taken every day since the majority of smartphones have become our digital cameras. Many cameras have great pixel qualities; you can edit it and with Instagram even add effects to make your photo unique. However, there is still one problem with dark photos – the lack of a good flash. The evening is one of the times people socialize and interact the most and if you there isn’t good lighting around, your photos won’t turn out great.

Well, the problem might be over. The iblazr mobile phone flash is developing a product to be compatible with iOS and Android devices that gives the ability to take higher quality pictures at night. Another great aspect of this product is that it works effectively for both photos and videos.

As soon as people start using this product, we should be seeing a lot more pictures and videos in social networks taken in the evening. This new feature comes at a great time for Vine, as well as Instagram, who has launched video sharing capabilities.

by iblazr

by iblazr

People will be able to take more pictures during music concerts, inside a movie theater, and during special occasions like evening fireworks during the fourth of July and New Years.

This external accessory is connected in the audio jack of your smartphone and it also has its own battery so it won’t consume your smartphone’s power. The iblzar flash is only 10mm thick. It would be perfect for digital marketing agencies especially those that might be on a budget and are still looking to give their employees the ability to take quality photos and videos with their smartphone.

There is no official date set for the release of this product or of the price of this product, but this is something people can look forward to. Do you think you would use this new accessory? If so, share your thoughts below!


YouTube Helping Nonprofits Do Good

Some of my friends can spend hours on YouTube. They may start on one video about parents stealing their children’s Halloween candy and could end on another video of Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez lip-syncing and dancing with their friends. How they travel from one side of the YouTube world to the other always baffles me. I don’t have this innate skill or the patience to peruse YouTube for hours. I find most of my favorites are the trending videos, band updates, and some Jenna Marbles comedy. I am also subscribed to a few nonprofit organizations on YouTube and knew there was a special search section for nonprofits, but completely underestimated YouTube’s dedication to these organizations.

YouTube recently launched YouTube Next Cause, a program  to help nonprofit organizations do the good that they’re already doing –  but even better.  After an application process, 20 organizations were selected for their commitment to change and their previous use of YouTube as a platform. These chosen few will attend a day long summit in San Francisco on April 2. The summit will serve as an opportunity for consulting and training, all in hopes to make their organization stronger and more effective.

This is a part of a larger program, YouTube’s NextUp Program, aimed to promote talent already on YouTube, not necessarily to find the next big thing. YouTube will invest money in some of its selected partners, in addition to providing them with resources in disciplines like videography and production.

And here I was thinking YouTube was just a place for cute cat videos. Man, was I wrong. So many other social media tools can be used for nonprofits too. It’s so cool to think about the support that one organization can provide for another. That sure seems like an effective way to create change – bonding together and satisfying one group’s set of needs with another’s set of resources. The size, growth, and passion of the communities that can be built amaze me. And all the communities, the change, and the action all start with small stories like the ones spotlighted in YouTube’s Next Cause program.

So much for getting any work done – I know what I’ll be watching while I procrastinate for the rest of the week. Check out these 20 awesome organizations’ videos.