Make “Back to School” Fun With These Tips and Accessories

It’s that time again for students to get back to the grind. But who says it has to be all work and no fun? Make this semester a little more interesting with some accessories that can add a little pick-me-up to each day.

Let’s start with your laptop. If you’re like me, you probably just throw your laptop in your backpack and go. Pick up a laptop carrier that suits your own lifestyle. Not only are these interesting little conversation starters, but you can also protect your laptop from damage better than in a backpack. What about protecting it from theft you ask? Check out these tips on what to do if yours gets lost or stolen. Most of them, after reading them, seem like they would be common sense. But when upset, our minds tend not to think as clearly as possible, so keep these tips handy, just in case. See how this guy got caught using a laptop he had stolen.

These are without a doubt, some of the coolest little laptop accessories I have seen. It would have been nice to stumble upon these little gems when I had a laptop that had only one USB port. Seriously, one?!  Keep these in mind when you’re looking for a USB hub. I think my favorite is the dog, but check out all ten of them.

Last but not least, here are some of the coolest little things to carry around in your bag with you. Take notes, “delete” notes, and most importantly, keep yourself entertained (between classes, not during)!

I hope everyone has a great semester!

Marketing To The New Kids on the Block

Have you gotten one of these yet? Busting on the scene a couple years ago, these new USB thumb drives are just starting to get mainstream attention. They are essentially business cards in digital form, distributed by companies big and small (although a little pricey for the small guys). Companies can put any kind of media they want you to see on here, from promotional product pitches to pictures, music, and videos for their consumers. These have a large advantage (except in the dollar department) over those mini-CD business cards you might remember from a couple years back. With these Marketing Thumb Drives consumers can read over whatever the providing company has put on them, and then either erase them or just keep on using the storage media. This is much more Eco-Friendly than tossing those previous mini-CD’s in the landfills. So keep an eye out, these should be popping up more and more in the coming months.

[Via: TreeHugger]