What Does X Equal?

TEDxDetroit, a local variation of the popular TED conference and talks, took place this past October at the GEM Theatre in downtown Detroit. The day was full of great ideas and great presentations about the great things people are doing to make a difference in their community.

Take Tom Nardone, for example – he’s a pumpkin carving artist, (which is cool in and of itself), but he organized something called the “Mower Gang“, a group of people who get together to mow the grass at Detroit’s abandoned parks and repair some of the equipment, or Andy Diordosi. who saw a huge gap in Detroit’s public transit service. He wanted to fix it, so he founded the Detroit Bus Company to fill in where the SMART system and the People Mover might not reach.

The day was filled with a positive spirit, an overwhelming energy, and optimism for the future of Detroit and Michigan, and this video was made to capture that for you:

Ingenex Digital Marketing was on hand at the event volunteering to do all of the social media agency-type work, but this video was a sort-of collaborative effort. The music was courtesy of one of the day’s performing bands, I Love Lighting Bugs. Photos were courtesy of some fantastic event attendees - Erin O’Neill,  Brandon Ross, Carter Sherline, Derek Mehraban, Jay Singleton, and Robin Maghielse, and the event itself was possible thanks to a major part by Charlie Wolborg, the organizer of TEDxDetroit.

The Ingenex Team Will Be Attending TEDxDetroit

Photo Source – TEDxDetroit

This Wednesday, September 29, 2010, the team at Ingenex Digital Marketing and I will head to downtown Detroit to attend TEDxDetroit. TEDxDetroit is held at the Detroit Institute of Art on Wayne State University’s campus. It runs from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm and is free to people who register (although a $21 donation is encouraged).

TEDxDetroit is an annual event that brings together CEOs, scientists, creatives, and other extraordinary speakers. The list of speakers was released last week and it looks to me that there is going to be a variety of interesting speakers this year. The list of speakers is as follows:

  • Jeff DeGraff, Dean of Innovation, Competing Values
  • Dianne Marsh, CEO & Technologist, SRT Solutions
  • Geoff Horst, Chief Science Officer, Algal Scientific Corporation
  • Paul Savage, CEO, Nextek Power Systems
  • Stephen Clark, Interactive anchor & Reporter, WXYZ Detroit
  • Erik Proulx, Filmmaker, Lemonade the Movie & Lemonade Detroit
  • Karl Gude, Visual Journalist & Professor, Newsweek/MSU
  • Ben Bator & Lauren Leto, Founders, TFLN
  • Paul Nielsen, Geek, Entrepreneur, Magician, Wunderground Magic
  • Jerry Paffendorf & Mary Lorene Carter, Founders, Loveland
  • Steve Kahn, Professor & Founder, WSU Math Corps
  • Victor Green, Director, Community Relations, WSU
  • Kami Pothukuchi, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, SEED & WSU
  • Henry Balanon, Founder, Bickbot
  • Will Smidlein, Boy Wonder, Null Fear
  • Bil Moore, Solutions Consultant, Strategic Products & Services
  • Anuja Rajendra, Creator and CEO, BollyFit
  • Dave Blair, Performance Artist
  • Jocelyn Rainey, J Rainey Gallery
  • Jim Scapa, CEO, Altair Engineering
  • Rick Devos, Founder, ArtPrize
  • Jessica Care Moore, Moore Black Press
  • Herman Moore, Entrepreneur & Detroit Lions Hall of Famer

With so many diverse speakers idea spreading, one of the main reasons for TEDx, is sure to occur. By putting so many cool, creative, and talented people in the room there are going to be a lot of ideas flying around. I’m very excited to head down to Detroit for my first, and hopefully not my last, TEDxDetroit experience.