It’s Flu Season: Steps to Protect Your Gadgets from Viruses

Most us of these days have a mobile phone, computer, or a tablet. For this flu season, protect yourself from the flu by protecting your gadgets. Here are steps to getting this accomplished.


Key Steps for ALL gadgets:

  1. Get the Flu Shot, if you haven’t yet. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.
  2. Clean your gadget at your home and work: Don’t use an alcohol-based cleaner. Spray the cleaner on a towel so it is just damp, not on the gadget directly. And turn off your computer.
  3.  Clean your desk regularly with a disinfecting wipes

Phones: Interesting fact: Phones have more germs than a toilet. Yuck! Clean your phone with a microfiber cloth and make sure to scrub it down. Don’t forget to get a screen protector.

Computers & Tablets:  Wipe them down daily with a disinfecting wipe, especially your keyboard and mouse.


For all of you working at social media marketing agencies and are on your gadgets constantly this flu season, these tips will do the trick.

Why Mobile Payment Applications Like Square Are the Future

Jack Dorsey. If you’re anyone who’s into social media at all, I’m sure you have heard of him. Dorsey is a founder of both Twitter and Square. He currently holds positions as Executive Chairman of Twitter and Chief Executive Officer of Square. If you’re not familiar with the company, Square is a tool that gives merchants the ability use their tablets or smartphones to process customer credit or debit transactions. Currently, Square is used by two million merchants – most of them small businesses. Merchants can swipe a customer’s credit card on the Square device (given free to merchants) or manually enter credit card information. Merchants must pay 2.75% of every transaction to Square in order to be able to use the application. Square says that it will be successful because, overall, its costs are lower than traditional credit card processors.

Business Insider gives four reasons as to why businesses should be using Square instead of conventional credit card readers:

  1. The middle man is eliminated
  2. Flat fee – 2.75% per swipe or $275 a month
  3. Analytics are provided
  4. Fast processing

Personally, I think Square is an excellent use of the tablets and smartphones that most businesses and the digital marketing company already have. Using Square is even eco-friendly! Customers have the option of receiving an electronic receipt, which can cut down of vast amounts of paper. Using a tablet or a smartphone as a tool for making payments is a use for these devices that I would not have considered previously. Are there any other uses of tablets or smartphones that you can think of that are unexpected, but have worked out well?