Steve Jobs Takes Medical Leave

The day after Steve Jobs announced that he was taking a medical leave, Apple’s stock fell 2.25%. This is the second time in 2 years that he has taken a medical leave, and Apple’s stock has dropped significantly both times. So, what does this mean for Apple? The consequences might not be bad short-term, but this could effect the company in a few years from.

As the anticipated release of the iPad 2 and the new iPhone in a few months, the plans for those new devices are likely developed and ready to go. What about the innovation of new products? It appears that the public has little faith in Apple without the man behind the brand, Steve Jobs.

When new products are announced, many wonder who will present them if Jobs is not in the picture. People are infatuated by his notorious presentations; he is known to hypnotize his audience. Losing the product presentation  aspect of Apple could leave some people uninterested.

Apple is such a large company that it seems hard to believe that losing one person, even if it’s the face of Apple, could impact sales so drastically. Many tech guru’s are certain that the creation of new Apple products will succeed on their own, but it appears that the public likes the security of seeing Steve Jobs take part in all aspects of Apple products.

It’s hard to predict how the absence of Steve Jobs will directly impact the company in the long-run, but it appears that consumers of the brand have consistently little faith in Apple without him.

Windows 8 – Fact or Fiction

What do facial recognition and faster start-up times have in common? According to Sydney Hill at TechNewsWorld, they may be the newest features in Microsoft’s plan for an operating system rumored to be called Windows 8. Earlier this week powerpoint slides detailing the operating system and its features were leaked to the public. Among the most talked about slides were ones which discussed the company’s goal of eliminating its long running problem of slow start-up times, and adding new cutting age technology which would allow for facial recognition.In addition, the slides mentioned Apple’s success in identifying with customers to build brand recognition and loyalty. However, at this point, the rumors have yet to be confirmed by Microsoft; which leads many to question the authenticity of the claims.

“The only way we will ever know if these slides are authentic is if Microsoft comes out and says they are — and that’s not likely to happen,” said Michael Cherry, vice president of research, operating systems, with the independent analyst firm Directions on Microsoft.

“I’m quite confident these are the real deal,” said Stephen Chapman, Microsoft Kitchen site operator. “I just feel bad for the poor sap who either leaked these or inadvertently shared these with the world.”

Only time, and Microsoft, will tell whether there is any truth behind the recently leaked slides. PC users around the world can only hope that Bill Gates won’t keep them in the dark for long.