Steps to Launch a Successful Startup

Startups are created everyday. Some flop – some flourish. Some get to be so insanely contagious and ubiquitous that we couldn’t imagine starting our day without them. But what does it really take to turn a novel idea into a thriving startup? How do we actually start?  Who better to answer this question than Shane Bliemaster, digital media guru and VP of Marketing at Nutshell. Here are some key steps Shane recommends taking before launching your startup:

Market Research

Use surveys to find your target demographic, the interest of your product, and to find the target demographic.

Tools used for Market Research: Survey Monkey and Google research

Landing Pages

An effective landing page has the potential to capture emails, track clicks, a/b test copy/design, and acts as a platform to test advertisements. In short, landing pages are able to get people talking about your start-up.

Tools used to create Landing Pages: Optimizely and Crazy Egg

Push Traffic

Spend money to place advertisements/surveys on widely used websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Adwords, etc). From these ads/surveys, you will be able to see the interest level that individuals have in your start-up through a click count.

Research the Industry

Know your competition. Research them. Find out why they are successful.

Tools used to Research the Industry: Moat, WhatRunsWhere, Quora, and GrowthHackers

Finished with the steps above? Now you are ready to launch your site!

Below are some steps that Shane Bliemaster recommends to have a successful roll out:

Send Emails

Thanks to your landing pages you should have a substantial amount of emails collected. Separate the email addresses into cohorts. Slowly roll out invites with different email types to the different cohorts (different subject lines, different content, etc.) Track click-through-rates to see which email is the most read.

Tools used to roll out emails: MailChimp and URL Builder

Growth Hacking

Have a presence on social media sites. The more likes = the more credible your start-up will seem.

Growth Hacking Examples:

  • Create a quiz that people care about (Which district is your favorite in the Hunger Games?) In order to answer the quiz question, they have to like your Facebook page.
  • Create a prize incentive if a person refers a certain number of people to like your page.

Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing agencies have the tools necessary to create the largest growth rate for your start-up. A company like Ingenex will help build your online presence through the use of lead generation and inbound marketing resources.