Eco-Friendly tips

In order to be eco-friendly, a company has to perform its activities in ways that would inflict the minimal possible harm to the environment. So what can Ingenex do in order to be more eco-friendly? Being in Michigan, where it is COLD during winter and hot and humid during the summer, energy conservation is one of the biggest issues. Also trying to reduce the waste produced by the office activity (paper, office supplies) would be a good idea. The following are some tips that will help you and your company be more eco-friendly:

  • Wherever there is a cold winter, and Michigan is especially cold, good insulation is essential. A properly insulated room facilitates temperature control, and  will make your heating bill less expensive and definitely more eco-friendly.

  • Encourage the use of public transportation and alternative commuting options. In the case of Ann Arbor, it is possible for a company to get a go!pass for its employees for only $5 a month. Ann Arbor is a bike friendly city, and also very pedestrian friendly. You can provide a bike lock for your employees, so they park their bikes. There is plenty of information about commuting opportunities in Ann Arbor at getDowntown.

  • Energy conservation is key. Energy efficient bulbs and motion sensor lighting controls are also a good idea and they will let you reduce your energy spending. By subscribing to programs like the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program you can save big money and also become more eco-friendly.

  • Telecommuting is an option that can make your company more eco-friendly by avoiding unnecessary commutes. For some employees it may not be necessary to go to the office for doing their job, so if it is not a need the transportation cost saved can be a great way of reducing the environmental impact of our already crowded roads.

  • The 3 R’s. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle is the way to go in the office. Again, you’ll benefit directly by reducing your costs in paper, office supplies, etc, while reducing the amount of waste your work produces and increasing your eco-friendliness. Make sure to check out Recycle Ann Arbor for great tips in how to recycle and in how to collaborate with your community, and don’t forget to bring your recyclables to the drop-off station.

Recycle Your Electronics!

Have an old VCR collecting dust? Or did you already just toss it out? Well the day and age has come for us to start recycling ALL of our electronics. This is now made possible in several ways. If you have some gadgets that still work, but you have no more use for, check out Gazelle. The year-old site has been redesigned to make it quicker to sell electronics in more categories. It also adds a feature that lets people recycle goods that have no resell value.

So if you have an iPhone that you no longer want, you type in the product name and input information on its condition to find out what it’s worth. Gazelle will send you a shipping slip and/or a box. Once received, Gazelle wipes the data clean and sells it online. You get paid by check or PayPal.

If you’d rather just drive them down the street and drop them off for recycling, that’s been made pretty simple now too. For those of you in the Ann Arbor area, Recycle Ann Arbor started accepting many electronics free of charge for recycling. A national leader in recycling and waste programs, they’ve opened their Drop-Off Station 9am-5pm Monday thru Saturday. It is located at 2950 East Ellsworth, just west of Platt Road. They’ll take desktop and notebook computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, VCRs, stereos, and even microwaves!

Televisions are used on average for less than two years. For computers, it’s three. Recycling, or “E-cycling,” these and other electronic items is critical for preserving landfill space and for ensuring that hazardous materials used to make electronics are properly disposed.The Telecomunications Industry Association (TIA) has set up a great way for you to find electronics recycling centers anywhere in the country. Head over to E-cycling Central where you’ll find the simple map below, just simply click your state and instantly see a list of centers in your area where you can take your electronics.

As you see it’s getting easier and easier to recycle those enviornmentally hazardous electronics. You could even pick up some extra pocket cash for them. So don’t hesitate! Now you know how to get started with E-cycling today!