User-generated content on the rise, experts want revenge!

In the past few years, user-generated content has been on the rise. Nowadays anybody with access to the internet can create reviews, videos, articles, and much more. Compared to ten years ago, more people have internet access and have faster connections to upload photos, videos, music, etc. Amateurs can become celebrities through YouTube or MySpace and become experts through Wikipedia and various review sites. Social networking has become a very popular way to meet professionals and to stay in touch with friends. However, with the public having so much power in creating and editing information, there may be a need for professionals to step in to make user-generated content more reliable.

The internet has become notorious for inaccuracies and scams. The demand for a more reliable web and the potential for more advertising money have given the experts their jobs on the web: to edit user-generated content to make it accurate. Advertisers are willing to pay more for space next to trusted information. With Web 3.0 on the way, the experts are likely to come with it, adding a refined layer to user-generated content.

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