Spring 2009 Internship Openings

The Digital Marketing Internship at Ingenex will run again Spring 2009 for Michigan State University students. This intersnhip meets for two hours at Ingenex headquarters in Ann Arbor each week. You will have 5-10 hours of work on your own. You will learn Digital Marketing techniques including: Online Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Podcasting, Search Engine Marketing, and Google Tools.

I am looking for some talented students looking to start a career in digital marketing. This growing field is where the action is these days. This internship program has been growing since it began in Summer 2008. It has also evolved into a class at MSU – The New Media Drivers License. This two credit class begins on Saturday, January 10. I am taking less interns this semester as the class will take a lot of my time. However, I am looking for a few good men/women who want to learn and have some time this semester. This is non-paid, and can be done for credit.

If you’re a good candidate, respond quickly please. Submit in 200 words or less a comment on this blog why you are a good candidate for the Eco-Friendly Internship. Tell me your goals for the future. Why are you interested in this position. And a bit about yourself. I will pick 2-3 good candidates and you will know soon if you have been accepted. Ask some of our past interns their experience if you have questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Derek Mehraban – CEO Ingenex Digital Marketing

PS. Here are two interesting projects you will help on in Spring 2009. Social Harbor and Nudge Them.

Amanda Julia Marandola – Digital Marketing Intern Fall 2008

Amanda Marandola in her own words on why she should be chosen for the Ingenex Digital Marketing Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship:

Advertising and marketing have always been a great interest of mine. The two areas are exciting and fascinate me immensely both individually and together.
I feel that I am a good fit for the Ingenex eco-friendly digital marketing internship for various reasons. I am an advertising major and I have already taken and am also currently enrolled in courses geared toward creative advertising and managerial advertising. At the moment, I am taking a course specifically geared toward creating advertising campaigns which correlates with marketing a company’s product so that the consumer wants to purchase it.
Although my digital experience only extends to a digital camera and Photoshop, I learn fast and feel that I could easily grasp the digital skills needed for this internship. Digital advertising is also a field that I am currently studying. Actual hands on experience would give me a better understanding of the field and more experience going forward. Digital marketing is a significant part of the future of advertising. As we can see from the past few years, more people are utilizing the internet for personal and professional uses, including searching for information on products they wish to buy either in person or over the internet. Today, digital advertising is a key part of the process of advertising and marketing products. It reaches into the homes of everyday people and companies and should inspire the consumer to feel they must have that product. I believe this form of media will eventually become the key vehicle in which advertising agencies drive their ad campaigns.
I am a creative, hard-working and reliable person. I understand that there may be huge shoes to fill for this internship; however, I feel that my creativity, persistence and work ethic will contribute positivity to this position and your organization.

Jennifer Harrison – Digital Marketing Intern Fall 2008

Why Jennifer Harrison from Michigan State University would make a great addition to the Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship at Ingenex Digital Marketing. In her own words:

As a highly motivated, self-driven person, the chance to work with a young, dynamic company like Ingenex is very exciting. I’m pumped up to learn about digital marketing, and I’m not interested in doing a ‘typical’ internship – this one seems to really emphasize learning, and individual work is as important as teamwork and communication. I’ve worked with a variety of teams to pull off great results – from serving customers delicious burritos to orchestrating the first ever Women in Business Students’ Association Leadership Conference. Communication will be vital to success – from reaching out on campus, in the community, to local and national businesses, and to people across the globe, I feel that I have the experience and know-how to keep things open and clear at all times.

The things I’m most interested about getting a first-hand look at are:

How Ingenex creates fully integrated campaigns for clients, and how the best mix for each client.
How digital marketing can be successfully used to increase the strength of a brand or company, in local, national, and international settings. The use of social media marketing to revitalize business / interest in a brand or company.

As a college student, it is clear to me that digital marketing is the future of advertising, marketing, and PR. As people become more ‘connected’, they will expect more high-tech, up-to-date information from businesses, and those that don’t keep up will be left in the dust. Digital is applicable across many fields, from local restaurants to nation-wide political campaigns – check out http://www.journalism.org/node/6370 to see the impact of digital marketing on the 2008 presidential campaign. In addition, digital is extremely strong for the fast-changing, adaptable environment marketers work in now – with digital, nothing is permanent, and messages can be adjusted and tailored according to changes in client or customer.

Ingenex Interns – Michigan State University’s Best

MSU Spartan Interns Rock!

MSU Spartan Interns Rock!

The digital marketing interns from Michigan State University have been awesome this summer 2008. Our first class for the Digital Marketing Internship at Ingenex Digital Marketing yielded some incredible results.

Since it was our first semester, we all learned together. But I can say that the class of Grant Heitkamp, Kevin Conlon and Lia Homeister has been wonderful.

Kevin Conlon is an excellent people person. His relationship building skills, and his can do attitude will make him a great addition to any team. He has helped us push forward some big projects this summer, and he has learned all about digital marketing on the way. I see Kevin as an account manager or sales executive. And anyone who can sell, and knows digital will go far in this business.

Grant Heitkamp has a wonderful grasp of digital marketing. If you view his blog and see what he’s posted to the eco-friendly internship blog, you know what I’m talking about. Grant came up with the name Social Harbor for our new Social Media Professional Management product we are launching. Grant also took on more work and spent some additional hours at Ingenex headquarters. You headhunters out there, I would grab this guy. He plans to go to Miami Ad School, but we’ll have to see about that.

Lia Homeister has been a quiet and talented addition to our team this summer. She gets things done. She has done a stellar job of completing every assignment, and she is smart. Her wonderful personality, combined with her work ethic will make her an asset to any agency that picks her up. Of course, they will have to wait another couple years. Lia is a Junior at Michigan State this coming year. I am impressed by her maturity. And I hope she sticks with Digital moving forward. She plans to study abroad in Korea in the fall and you can follow her travels on her blog.

The next class of eco-friendly interns has some big shoes to fill. I am sure that MSU will send another wonderful class. As for what I am looking for? People with curiosity. Smart people. Who want to understand and master the digital media. I know this is where the future of our business lies. And I want students who know this too, and want to be the best. I hope to help Grant, Kevin and Lia all land good jobs in the industry. I want to thank them for their hard work. They are stars!