Lighting the Future with LED

The future of lighting lies in light-emitting diodes, LED. LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, smaller size, faster switching, greater durability, and improved reliability.  A company that is a major player in the future of LED is OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.


Recently, OSRAM unveiled a website that is dedicated to LED lighting, The LED Light Site. The LED Light site by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is a leading source of LED information, resources,  tools, technology and LED lighting solutions for the solid state lighting, general illumination space. Here, OSRAM has news, tools, videos, applications, and a great amount of information on LED Light. OSRAM believes energy efficient LED lighting is the new generation of lighting so they are leading the way with solutions for outdoor, indoor and architectural LED lighting.

LED Lights have a many practical uses. They can be used for indoor lighting in down lights or even lamps, for outdoor lighting in street lights or large area lights, and for architectural or retail lighting.

As LED lighting becomes more cost efficient, LED Lights will continue to change the way our society views lighting and energy costs from lighting. OSRAM fully believes in LED lighting and they have provided consumers with a great resource about LED.