Who knew Accessories could be so much Fun!

I think we are all used to having accessories for our phones such as cases, car charger, hands free sets etc. but what if there was a way to have fun with all of these accessories. Well it was only a matter of time for someone to create accessories that would go along with the thousands of iPhone applications available on your iPhone and iPod touch. Hopefully for those serious gamers out there this will help you better interact with your iPhone and have a better gaming experience.

The Psyclone Thumbies seemed the most interesting to me they are for people who feel that using the touch screen isn’t quite amping up their gaming experience. The Psyclone Thumbies suction onto the screen of your iPhone where the virtual button are located. This allows gamers an experience related more towards their hand held sets at home.  (Cost $19.99)

image provided by: milo.com

Next is the Mophie Pulse which is similar to when Play Station and Nintendo came out with hand controllers that vibrated during certain actions while playing games, that is what Mophie offers fort he portable gamer. It also boots the audio of the game and makes you the gamer more interactive in the game.  (Cost TBD estimated at $100)

image provided by: gearlog.com

To finish is the iSound GameWheel which can be used for any of the race car apps such as Need for Speed. It is a real wheel which you place your iPhone in the middle of and use it to hit those hard turns while playing your favorite facing apps for iTunes.  (Cost $19.99)

image provided by: daydeal.com

These are all fun interactive accessories to add to you iPhone and use your iTunes apps with it just depends on what your favorite apps are to use and you can get your mobile gaming on.

Eco-Friendly or just good marketing?

Is Apple the most Eco-Friendly company? At least, and according to a survey from Enviromental Leader, Apple is considered the most Eco-Friendly company for most consumers, closely followed by HP and Microsoft. But is this perception based on real facts, or is only due to Apple marketing strategy?

According to Greenpeace’s last “Guide to Greener Electronics”, in a 1 to 10 scale Apple’s score is only 4.1, ranking 13th on the list, far behind from the highest score company, the Finnish company Nokia.

Apple was just an example and it is a company that is currently improving in being more eco-friendly. Actually the last Ipod Nano is the most eco-friendly mp3 player that Apple had ever produced, reducing some of its more contaminant components like the batteries.

So how much of ecofriendlyness is real and how much is just pure marketing? Nowadays many products and companies claim to be “green”, but many times that is only a way of attracting the consumer and means nothing. In fact, about two thirds (66%) of the US citizens that participated in the Environmental Leader survey were willing to pay a certain premium (up to 5%) for a green product.

It is proven that in todays world eco-friendly and green products sell. However, if you care about this matter, do some research before buying a new laptop or a new cellphone. Maybe you will change your mind.