In the Spotlight: Interior LED Lighting

The potential for interior LED lighting are limitless as they are built for efficiency, consume less energy, and long lasting. The use for this type of lighting in both commercial and residential space is infinite. LED lighting is the core for popular applications such as downlights, retrofit lighting, and architectural lighting.

With over 500 million downlights installed in US households and over 200 million downlights sold each year, the potential for energy savings with interior LED lighting are great. Their efficiency is ideal for corporate and retail applications. Downlights are also generally used as ambient lighting in homes and offices, which both are filled with incandescent, halogen, and compact fluorescent lamps to help light needed areas. With their directional light, instant on and ability to dim, LED retrofit lamps can be direct replacements to significantly save on energy. The retrofit design delivers long life and can be designed in a variety of color temperatures from warm white to cool white.

LEDs are not only perfect for interior LED lighting, but also the light source of choice when it comes to the architecture for eco-friendly buildings and structures. As a sustainable light source, LEDs do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials. It is a lighting designer’s dream where LEDs can be used to create aesthetic appeal for both internal and external applications.

Whether it may for home, office, or for architectural purposes, interior LED lighting provides the cost savings, efficiency, and durability to match your needs.