Ingenex Welcomes New Web Developer

Ingenex Digital Marketing has recently welcomed John Wright as their new Web Developer, where he designs, redesigns and maintains websites for Ingenex and their clients. Purely self-taught, Wright has an extensive CSS, HTML, WordPress, and Web Developing background. Wright’s career began when he created interactive MySpace profiles that impressed a wide-spread of MySpace users. When discovering how popular his designs were, Wright learned how to use CSS, HTML, and PHP to create a dynamic website for customers to purchase these profile designs from.

John Wright - Web Developer

Wright found out about the job opening from his aunt who attended a LA2M Marketing Education event, and he applied shortly after. Impressed with Wright’s profile and learning about his independent web developing background, Ingenex warmly welcomed Wright to the team.

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WordPress Job Available At Ingenex

Ingenex Digital Marketing is looking to hire a WordPress Developer! Ingenex is a result driven digital marketing agency that has clients across the United States and Canada. Derek Mehraban, Ingenex CEO and your potential boss, is looking for an employee who is creative and understands web design thoroughly. “I want my clients to get the latest and greatest of everything,” Mehraban stated. This means you have to be able to create the latest designs and implement them into a WordPress CMS.


Not only must you be a WordPress professional, but Mehraban is looking for an employee who has quality personal traits. “We are looking to hire someone who is hardworking, pays attention to detail, accurate, fun to be around and always delivers above and beyond,” Mehraban says.

“I want a coworker who is driven, passionate about work and dedicated to staying current on new digital trends,” Content Manager Ashlie Forchione said. In the world of digital marketing, trends are always changing so it is important to evolve with technology. Clients need to be provided with the latest and greatest forms of technology, and that improves what you can provide as a WordPress Developer.

Is Ingenex the right company for you? When asked about working at Ingenex  Social Media Coordinator Lauren Schneider said, “My favorite part about working at Ingenex is having the ability and opportunity to have your voice count. You aren’t just part of a mix, you will have your area of expertise and your work will be noticed.”

The Ann Arbor branch of Ingenex is located on Main Street, and will soon be moving to a new location in Downtown Ann Arbor within the month. “At the Ann Arbor location, we can appreciate what the city has to offer to the agency with the fun environment. It has always been my dream to work in Downtown Ann Arbor” Content Producer Erin O’Neill said.

Nervous about the potential interview? Here are some wise words of advice from current Ingenex employees:

“Don’t forget to smile!” — Forchione

“Be yourself and don’t be afraid!” — Schneider

“Be prepared to talk about your work. Come in with example pieces.” — O’Neill

To find more information about the position please visit:

Online Courses for Free??

For years, online courses have been available directly from universities. But students were required to be enrolled directly in the university and the courses cost as much as ones you would attend.

Enter Coursera. A new social entrepreneurship company partnered with the top universities in the world to offer free online courses to anyone who wants to take them.

Courses in a wide range of topics are offered, designed for students to master the material quickly. Taught by world-class professors from thirty three of the top universities around the world, these courses are perfect for improving your resume, advancing your career or just teaching you something you didn’t know before.

But, so what? Why do free classes matter? You don’t earn college credit by taking them through Coursera. They can take up to eight to ten hours of your time per week. So why take Coursera classes?

Easy answer. In this day and age, everyone needs to learn something new. Whether the class you take just teaches you how to improve your health, basic math or teaches you to how to utilize new technology, Coursera has something for everyone. You can learn more about the importance of social media marketing or how to write your own digital media and mobile app. During my time at Ingenex, I have learned the importance of keeping up with the digital transition. So why not take a class? And everyone loves getting things free… so why not get a free education from one of the best universities in the world?

Holy Storage Space, Batman!

I’m amazed at the dramatic increase in digital storage capacity in the last decade and a half. I was going through my storage unit one day last week after work at Ingenex Digital Marketing, and I came across my old SyQuest disk. I bought it for a desktop publishing class in the mid-90s, and I used it to save flyers and other print materials I had designed. The disk is a removable hard drive that measures 5.25 square inches — huge by today’s standards. Despite its size, however, it holds a mere 44MG, or megabytes. It was the largest storage unit I had at the time.


Now, I carry a 1GB, or gigabyte, flash drive in my backpack for whatever miscellaneous items I might want to upload/download — text documents, photos, etc. I also have a 500MB external hard drive that mostly contains image files. And then I own a 2TB, or terabyte, external hard drive, which I use exclusively for videos. I was curious on the size differences so I asked my friend, a math teacher, to do the calculations.

1,000K = 1MB
1,000MB = 1GB
1,000GB = 1TB


1GB is about 23 times(x) 44MB
500GB is 11,500x 44MB
2TB is 46,000x 44MB

Needless to say, that’s a huge jump in only 15 years! But, what does this mean as far as the larger social picture? I wasn’t sure, so I pulled in one of my co-workers here at Ingenex. Her blunt assessment: we’re a culture that likes to accumulate “stuff” and all this space encourages us to acquire more “stuff.” (Truth be told, she used the other “s” word.) She mentioned, as an example, that she has saved every paper she ever wrote in college. She admitted that she doesn’t need to hold onto the documents, and hasn’t read many since the time of her studies.

Personally, I take hundreds of digital photos whenever I go on a trip. I store the photos on the 500MB hard drive I mentioned, but rarely look at any. Actually, a lot of the images aren’t even that great — I’ve been known to take snapshots of trash. It was interesting at the time! And then there’s music. I’ve downloaded hundreds of songs over the years. I’ll hear a song playing in a store or on the radio while driving, and I’ll acquire the track soon after. More often than not, I’ll listen to it once or twice before losing interest.

So, why do we keep all this unnecessary digital material? What compels us to hold onto so much, as my co-worker calls it, “stuff?” Because we can! The technology is available and we gladly use it — which reminds me of an old Doritos commercial. The tagline went: “Go ahead and crunch. We’ll make more.” Well, the producers of digital storage could very well amend the slogan to: “Go ahead and store. We’ll add more space.”

Graduate Success Story – Caroline Zieleniewski


Nickname: Care or Line

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended: Michigan State University

Current Job Title: Currently seeking employment

Favorite Color: currently it’s green (GO GREEN!!)

What you learned in your time at Ingenex: How to manage clients social media platforms, how to promote a brand through different social media outlets including Pinterest, link building to grow the awareness, writing search engine optimized content for websites and so much more!

New Media Drivers License: Yes! I can drive the web :) I learned so much in this class and without it I wouldn’t of had this awesome internship.

How your internship helped launch your career: It has exposed me to many different aspects of digital marketing and now I’m ready to tackle the digital marketing world. I had hands on experience at Ingenex which I think will really help me stand out in my job search.

Advice to incoming interns: ASK QUESTIONS! You can never ask too many questions. Also, have fun with the internship, if you want to try different aspects of digital marketing just ask and  someone will find a project for you.

Most importantly: Enjoy what you do and have fun. Find something that you enjoy doing for work. For me social media is fun and doesn’t seem like work, working on social media all day is awesome!
I just want to say thank you to everyone at Ingenex for making this internship a great experience! I will miss you all!

Pioneers in Digital Marketing

When I read Joe Jaffe’s blog about possible front runners of the digital marketing age, combining social and digital media to get the job done, I immediately thought of Ingenex Digital Marketing.

After interning at Ingenex for a few weeks now, I can already tell that this company consists of digital marketing pioneers. The planning and strategy that is necessary for each project this company takes on is carefully thought out by more than one person. Having more than one person offer insight to each project gives the team members at Ingenex the opportunity to provide different ideas and angles.

The agency’s strategy for digital marketing includes social media methods that most companies strive for. Ingenex has the ability to not only create a marketing plan, but to also monitor that company’s social media sites and provide the feedback that is necessary for the survival of company’s brand online. Ingenex has mastered the social media sites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, and Linkedin so team members are able to brand a company appropriately. Ingenex gets to know the company it is working with, and learns what is effective for that brand. Being such a small company, it can give its customers the one-on-one time that is appreciated; the big-shot digital marketing companies cannot offer the flexibility and quick-thinking that Ingenex can when a problem presents itself. Two members of the Ingenex team are Google-certifed, assuring customers that they are receiving the most up-to-date techniques in the digital marketing world. This company is quickly growing, offering Internet marketing services such as web site design, digital public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and Google analytics. Ingenex also offers iPhone and mobile applications providing your company with the opportunity to increase its brand exposure to consumers. These apps increase exposure as well as give consumers the ability to interact directly with a company’s brand via mobile phones.

While Ingenex is a growing digital marketing agency, it continues to show the same customer appreciation and dedication through the years.

The Ingenex Team Will Be Attending TEDxDetroit

Photo Source – TEDxDetroit

This Wednesday, September 29, 2010, the team at Ingenex Digital Marketing and I will head to downtown Detroit to attend TEDxDetroit. TEDxDetroit is held at the Detroit Institute of Art on Wayne State University’s campus. It runs from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm and is free to people who register (although a $21 donation is encouraged).

TEDxDetroit is an annual event that brings together CEOs, scientists, creatives, and other extraordinary speakers. The list of speakers was released last week and it looks to me that there is going to be a variety of interesting speakers this year. The list of speakers is as follows:

  • Jeff DeGraff, Dean of Innovation, Competing Values
  • Dianne Marsh, CEO & Technologist, SRT Solutions
  • Geoff Horst, Chief Science Officer, Algal Scientific Corporation
  • Paul Savage, CEO, Nextek Power Systems
  • Stephen Clark, Interactive anchor & Reporter, WXYZ Detroit
  • Erik Proulx, Filmmaker, Lemonade the Movie & Lemonade Detroit
  • Karl Gude, Visual Journalist & Professor, Newsweek/MSU
  • Ben Bator & Lauren Leto, Founders, TFLN
  • Paul Nielsen, Geek, Entrepreneur, Magician, Wunderground Magic
  • Jerry Paffendorf & Mary Lorene Carter, Founders, Loveland
  • Steve Kahn, Professor & Founder, WSU Math Corps
  • Victor Green, Director, Community Relations, WSU
  • Kami Pothukuchi, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, SEED & WSU
  • Henry Balanon, Founder, Bickbot
  • Will Smidlein, Boy Wonder, Null Fear
  • Bil Moore, Solutions Consultant, Strategic Products & Services
  • Anuja Rajendra, Creator and CEO, BollyFit
  • Dave Blair, Performance Artist
  • Jocelyn Rainey, J Rainey Gallery
  • Jim Scapa, CEO, Altair Engineering
  • Rick Devos, Founder, ArtPrize
  • Jessica Care Moore, Moore Black Press
  • Herman Moore, Entrepreneur & Detroit Lions Hall of Famer

With so many diverse speakers idea spreading, one of the main reasons for TEDx, is sure to occur. By putting so many cool, creative, and talented people in the room there are going to be a lot of ideas flying around. I’m very excited to head down to Detroit for my first, and hopefully not my last, TEDxDetroit experience.

Inforum Women’s Alliance Will Help After Graduation

As a senior at Michigan State University I am mostly focused on graduating and what I want to do once I graduate. I have been busy for the last three years of my college career and this year is no different. I am getting closer to attaining my degrees in Advertising Management and Retailing Management, and my specialization in Food Industry Management. Every day is a step closer to graduation, and a step closer to the “real world” and sometimes I get nervous thinking about it. I am hoping my experiences will help me be successful in my future career. I am currently an intern at Ingenex Digital Marketing and I have recently been promoted to the position of human resource manager at MSU Concessions. I feel that these positions will enable me to learn the skills and traits that are needed to be a successful business woman.

Photo Source – Office Depot

Through my internship at Ingenex I have become familiar with Inforum, a professional women’s alliance throughout Michigan. Inforum focuses on empowering Michigan women and creates opportunities that allow women to lead and succeed.  Inforum connects women through training and programming to help them enhance their personal and professional potential which will help them achieve the success they are looking for.

Inforum is one of the largest women groups in Michigan, with over 1,800 members across the state. The forum also holds several events that allow business women to network with other professional women.

As a future business woman I hope to become involved with Inforum so that I can become a great woman leader and meet professionals that I can learn from in regards to the business world. There are many events I hope I can attend this fall including Women on the Move, a seminar focusing on blending personality in the workplace, and several luncheons throughout the season.

I think Inforum will be very beneficial to me and my future career because it will allow me to gain insight into the business field from women executives in Michigan. It will also allow me to gain a larger network of professionals and will prepare me for an ever-changing, fast-paced career in business.

Future of Location Based Apps


Location-based apps are one of the newest frontiers in Digital Marketing. Google Maps, Foursquare, even Twitter are in on the “check-in” game. On platforms like Foursquare, users can see who is currently checked into a place, leave messages there, and receive incentives for checking in. Twitter and Google allow location broadcasting to approved friends. But where is this technology going? I did some deep digging to find out.

1. Tracking
Tracking on social Web sites is not new. We have all heard cautionary tales about Joe Inappropriate losing his job over an indecent picture his company found on Facebook or Jane Toomuchinformation missing out on a second interview because of too many updates on Twitter about how much she hates her current job. Location based tracking seems to be ahead. ZDnet suggests that insurance companies or assessors may be able to use your check in history to determine risk factors and rates. If you were to check into multiple bars every night for 2 months and you don’t own one, this might be an issue for you. It’s not all bad though, an auto insurer could set up a maintenance check-in program that tracks how often your car’s oil is changed or whether or if you check in to a car seat inspection station.

2. Real-time coupons
Some Web sites, like Foursquare, are already in the infant stages of adopting this technology. As a user checks in, incentives, or coupons, are shown for his or her presence. However, Mobile Commerce Daily has reported that Where, another location-based site has introduced location-based, real-time mobile deal alerts. “[Where’s] deal alerts service pushes mobile coupons and discounts to consumers based on preference and location.” For instance, let’s say I have selected to receive alerts from Ingenex Digital Marketing on Where. 2 weeks later, I walk past Ingenex and my text alert goes off. It reads:

Hey there friend! Ingenex Digital is offering a free cup of coffee when you stop in and say “Hello!”

The text service is free but regular text messaging rates apply, but for most of us, that really shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Business owners could have the ability to schedule daily offer changes and control the amount of time the coupon is active.

3. Tourism
Why not make being a tourist a little bit easier. Gowalla seems to be the predominant player in this so far. Users can create “trips” with check in points. The site features sponsored tours by University of Oklahoma and National Geographic. Not many other players have embraced the tourism possibilities and with Gowalla’s page visits down approximately 45% in the past two months, the possibility of dying in the shadows of Foursquare and Google Latitude grows stronger. Roseindia, a leader in Web tutorials, offers a few points for utilizing location-based tourism. Based on your GPS, a platform that provides traffic information, weather updates, local information, city guides and check-in spots could possibly be available in the near future for tourists with smartphones.

The landscape of local-based applications is wide open for innovation. Tracking, real-time coupons, and tourism are all areas that apps are beginning to target. So, what would you like to see come to fruition?  Any ideas?


New Media Driver’s at Full Speed this Saturday

This Saturday, June 5, will mark the start of the fifth semester of  Michigan State University’s New Media Driver’s License Course. At 9 AM students will fill the Walsh College Campus in Novi, MI to begin their semester long social media training. As a past student in the course, I can honestly say that enrolling in this course is a decision that you will not regret.

With only one semester gone by since my completion of the course, I have already seen the benefits for myself, not only as an advertising major, but as a college student striving to build my personal brand and network for the life after graduation career search. And while the course did not do this for me, it taught me how.

During the social media training, students will learn to effectively use social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to benefit themselves and their future employer, or business. They will also build writing skills through weekly blogs about all things new media and learn to participate in online communication. That being said, it is also important to learn to monitor and track your digital involvement and the outcomes. No worries, the new media drivers license will cover that too!

If you missed the enrollment for this semester’s social media training, no fear, the Fall section will begin just a few months from now! And do not be discouraged if you are not an Advertising major, this class is beneficial for everyone. Yes, it may help future advertisers to better understand the realm of digital, but as digital evolves it is becoming increasingly important in every industry. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to build the opportunities of your future.