Sick of your friends’ political posts on Facebook? Hide them with noppl!

The 2012 Presidential Election is now less than one month away. Tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate between Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan and the nominee of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden. Social networking has been a huge part of both the Obama and Romney campaign. Political updates from the candidates and qualified individuals are valuable. Random opinions from your friends, typically, are not. If you’re active in the social sphere, you most likely have friends that post their political opinions to various social networking sites. Sometimes, this can be frustrating. Political discussion on social networking sites, such as Facebook, do not typically change anyone’s views. All they seem to do is pit friends against each other.

Enter: noppl. Noppl, “no politics please”, is a extension for the Google Chrome browser. The extension allows you to hide unwanted posts from your Facebook news feed. You hide the unwanted posts by typing in specific keywords you want to block. Noppl gives some pre-filled examples: Romney, Paul Ryan, Obama, Biden, Election. If you’re not a Chrome user, noppl is available as a bookmarklet for other browsers. So, if you’re not interested in your friends political opinions clogging your news feed, or if you’re going to DVR the debate and watch it later, I suggest looking into installing noppl.

Google Chrome Experiments and Fastball Stand Out

Google Chrome is the newest addition to the Web browser game. According to recent browser stats, Chrome is ranked number 3 as of May. The folks at Google have implemented an interactive marketing strategy that allows designers and programmers to create “Experiments” for visitors using Javascript, HTML5, Canvas, and more. It has been tagged as “Not Your Mother’s Javascript,” and indeed, it is much more. One such designer, Mr. Doob, created Harmony- a procedural drawing tool. By clicking around, I made this:

It’s not much in the way of art, but it is quick, easy, accessible, and an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon researching at Ingenex Digital Marketing. Other experiments are more geared toward gaming such as Stewart Smith’s “Browser Pong” and Paul Brunt’s “Bert’s Breakdown”. Google is taking submissions and posts the best experiments so design away.

Developers at Google have also developed a race across the internet called Chrome Fastball. Google takes you on a scavenger hunt around the internet. Time yourself and see how quickly you can tweet, find a bike route, or translate text. See if you can beat me!