Interactive Fashion

The Internet has pretty much taken over every facet of lives, we can do everything online now. Buy, shop, read, order food, and make reservations, just with the touch of our fingers.  This has all become a great convenience for everyone. But who would have thought that you would be able to get top end designer collections from Derek Lam on eBay. For all you fashion lovers out there it is true! Derek unveiled dresses at Fashion Week while simultaneously showing them off on eBay as well.  To make this new way of showing off the latest Spring Collections more interactive users of eBay were allowed to vote on there favorites, the top five dresses that had the greatest number of votes will made available (in May) for purchase at

The dresses price ranges from $125-$295 which is significantly less than most of Lam’s pieces for his collections, but if offers fashion lovers the opportunity to own a Lam dress at a must more affordable price.

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Ready-to-wear clothing from high end designers at affordable prices has been around before, but what is different about this collection is that the public is the one making the choice as to what items are manufactured and made available for purchase rather than a fashion editor and a store buyer. According to Derek, By letting the public choose allows fashion to be exciting and relevant in the moment, it also allows for him to connect with his audience and reach new customer directly.

On eBay each dress is shown on a model and then to view the dress from each angle there is a video that you can view to see how the clothing moves and wears on a live person verses just having still images of different angles of the dress.  This can help potential buyers see what the dress is really like and whether they will make the purchase for themselves. It is a great way to interact with your customers and make sure they are getting the products they like best.