Inforum Women’s Alliance Will Help After Graduation

As a senior at Michigan State University I am mostly focused on graduating and what I want to do once I graduate. I have been busy for the last three years of my college career and this year is no different. I am getting closer to attaining my degrees in Advertising Management and Retailing Management, and my specialization in Food Industry Management. Every day is a step closer to graduation, and a step closer to the “real world” and sometimes I get nervous thinking about it. I am hoping my experiences will help me be successful in my future career. I am currently an intern at Ingenex Digital Marketing and I have recently been promoted to the position of human resource manager at MSU Concessions. I feel that these positions will enable me to learn the skills and traits that are needed to be a successful business woman.

Photo Source – Office Depot

Through my internship at Ingenex I have become familiar with Inforum, a professional women’s alliance throughout Michigan. Inforum focuses on empowering Michigan women and creates opportunities that allow women to lead and succeed.  Inforum connects women through training and programming to help them enhance their personal and professional potential which will help them achieve the success they are looking for.

Inforum is one of the largest women groups in Michigan, with over 1,800 members across the state. The forum also holds several events that allow business women to network with other professional women.

As a future business woman I hope to become involved with Inforum so that I can become a great woman leader and meet professionals that I can learn from in regards to the business world. There are many events I hope I can attend this fall including Women on the Move, a seminar focusing on blending personality in the workplace, and several luncheons throughout the season.

I think Inforum will be very beneficial to me and my future career because it will allow me to gain insight into the business field from women executives in Michigan. It will also allow me to gain a larger network of professionals and will prepare me for an ever-changing, fast-paced career in business.