Facebook and Twitter Additction OK

In high school and early years of college my Facebook addiction appeared to distract me from what many others thought I “should” be focusing on. As I got older my Facebook addiction led to a fascination with Twitter and other forms of social media. Suddenly I was studying social media and digital public relations strategies in school. Within three years my degree in public relations went from cool to awesome. I was taking innovative journalism classes tailored to social media strategies and search engine optimization and all things digital. Was this too good to be true? Can I really make a career out of this?

Photo: DirJournal.com

It turns out you can. And there is quite the demand for digital agencies and social media strategist as the digital revolution continues to grow according to The Detroit News article, Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs. There is real value in social and digital and more and more people are recognizing that. The job market is fierce and there is good news for college students. According to The Detroit News Article. “By 2018 a million new jobs expected to be created.”  I don’t know if fate or luck or destiny brought me to my current internship in the digital marketing field, but the future is looking nice for me and for the digital agency.

The Detroit News: Aging Nation, Technology Give Rise to Five Hot Jobs

Kidney Exchanged for Apple iPad 2

The phrase, “that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg,” typically means something is going to cost a large sum of money. For 17-year-old Zheng, a high school freshman in China, that expression took on a more literal meaning…only a Kidney.

Zheng really wanted an iPad 2, but didn’t have enough money so he did the unthinkable and sold his kidney. I’ll repeat that. He sold his his kidney. The majority of student’s would save up for this kind of purchase but Zheng couldn’t wait. After coming in contact with a kidney-selling agent on the internet he decided that risking his life for 20,000 yen ($3K USD) was a pretty great deal. Zheng had the operation, received his money and returned home with more than one new Apple gadget.

Photo: MyChinaViews.com

His mother became very suspicious and reported her son to authorities, ultimately exposing Zheng’s secret kidney transplant.The hospital Zheng claims to have had his surgery at is denying any connection to the 17-year-old and authorities haven’t been able to contact any one involved in the organ transplant fiasco.

It seems Zheng is getting the last laugh here as he enjoys his new toys. After reading this article I wondered how many illegal organ transplants go unreported? Who are the recipients of these organs? Are the iphone mobile applications worth it? How far would you go to get what you wanted? I just hope Zheng doesn’t find another organ-selling agent online and another part of his body to sell in a year when his Apple gadgets are out of date.

The Next Web: Chinese student reportedly sells his kidney to buy an iPad 2

Bold is Beautiful

As of yesterday, Research in Motion, creators of the BlackBerry released a new device that goes above and beyond your typical BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Bold is the newest BlackBerry model that runs on AT&T’s 3G network. The Bold is not a touch screen; however, it is the upgraded version of the BlackBerry 8800 series. These models are popular with companies because they are said to be easier to function. Blackberry’s are known for being a bit on the larger side in order to be more functional vs. being more stylish. Although BlackBerry’s are known for their functionality, the new BlackBerry Bold has a leather backing to it. For the creator’s of the BlackBerry, this is one step in the direction toward attempting to get the new BlackBerry noticed for its functionality and stylishness.

The BlackBerry Bold’s 2.66-inch screen is the largest yet on a BlackBerry.  Personally, I happened to be one of the few who saw this device right when it came out and before it was sold out of the East Lansing AT&T store. I must admit that although the screen was big, it was extremely bright and clear and the keyboard was very comfortable and easy to use. A full charge on this phone is said to last for four and half hours of talk time and about 13.5 days of standby. The Bold also has the fastest network of any BlackBerry out there. This allows you to access network capabilities faster than you would have on previous models. The keyboard is designed to make e-mailing, texting and web searching extremely easy. Research in Motion stated that each key has a subtle high point on it that is said to make typing more comfortable.  

Overall, the BlackBerry Bold is the newest and fastest selling BlackBerry out there. Due to the fact that it has just emerged into the market, it is a bit pricey. You can purchase the Bold for about $300 with a two year signing contract with AT&T. In comparison to the Iphone, however, that isn’t such a fabulous deal. The BlackBerry Bold gives you one gigabyte of memory, in comparison to the Iphone which gives you at least eight gigabytes of memory for $199. Basically it all depends on how you plan to use your phone and what your preferences are. If you have your heart set on a BlackBerry, the Bold is definitely the best one to go with.

Mission: Local Bloggers – Ross Johnson

When we were asked to follow a local blogger (based in Ann Arbor, Michigan) as part of our Eco-Friendly Internship, it occurred to me that the concept of a blog has changed since they first entered the public view. Blogs began mostly as a method of personal expression, either standalone on sites like Blogger.com or as part of a MySpace profile. That was three years ago. In the time since, something called the “blogosphere” was born. I never really understood what that meant, since it implies that there’s some collected space where all blogs hang out. MP3 blogs got really popular, since people love being able to download a song or two and stay tuned in to what’s “cool.” Political blogs also boomed, not only as a response to mainstream media, but sometimes as a unique source of political news.

Today it seems that the majority of blogs exist as part of a business model. As a journalist and natural skeptic, I’m a little worried about that. It is great for companies and employees to get information out to the public, but it also blurs the lines between personal expression (i.e. – creativity), journalism (i.e. – seeking truth while documenting events), and public relations (i.e. – selling something…at least, most of the time).

One way to keep blogs valuable is to center them around a geographical community. The ArborWiki has an open list of local bloggers. For the Eco-Friendly Internship, I’ll be following Ross Johnson, co-owner of 3.7 Designs, a website design company in Ann Arbor. His Web Design Marketing Blog and Podcast features a unique, attractive appearance and seems to focus largely on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). For those not familiar with web development, CSS is a relatively new branch of coding for fonts, colors, and other front-end elements of a web page. Having just finished developing my own web site with HTML and a basic grasp of CSS, I’m hoping that Ross will have a lot to teach me on the subject.

Ann Arbor Bloggers: the Ups and Downs of an Interview

Recently, I have been following the local Ann Arbor blog “Teeter Talk.” The concept behind Teeter Talk revolves around someone with an interesting story or experience being interviewed on a teeter totter. A man who goes by the name of Homeless Dave is the mastermind behind this whole website. He interviews all the guests and keeps the totter going. Those who dare to sit at the other end of the totter not only share their story with eager and willing readers, but give their own perspective as well.  Those who have dared to totter have been people from all aspects of life. Homeless Dave has had interviews with various Ann Arbor locals, Ingenex’s own Derek Mehraban and President Bill Clinton to name a few.  


Homeless Dave will blog about almost anything and anyone. From writing about potatoes, to two of his friends meeting Michelle Obama, you never know what to expect from him, except that his posts are almost always interesting and humorous. However, there is more the Homeless Dave than just tottering with random people. He runs his own bike hauling business, which he says will run in any type of weather, in addition to hand cranking and pedal-power spinning his own laundry while documenting it.  He also informs his readers with step-by-step instructions on how to build a teeter-totter and how to hand wash your laundry. He also just launched a new paper, the Ann Arbor Chronicle. The idea behind this paper was to embody the Ann Arbor community and reflect that essence and energy from the community in a daily news site.

Homeless Dave is as unique as his style of interviewing is. All of his interviews are original, authentic and can relate to all different types of people. Being interviewed by Homeless Dave would be a beneficial experience not only for him, but for each of the people he interviews. He gets to learn more about the person he’s interviewing and what they have to share, while the person being interviewed gets to hear about all of Homeless Dave’s stories and experiences from all the different types of people he has come across.  Homeless Dave’s blog is definitely different than another other blog I have followed or read. His style and form of interviewing is not only one of a kind, but stimulating and interesting to the reader as well. Also, how many people can say they do all their interviews on a teeter totter?

Going Green at Work

Although Ingenex Digital Marketing already supports an eco-friendly lifestyle, there are always ways to continually update the ways in which we promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It is estimated that by 2050 the population will increase to over 9 billion people. This means that if the world’s natural resources were evenly distributed, people in 2050 would only have about 25% of the resources that people living 100 years prior to that year did. The lifestyle that we live, both at home and at work, contribute to this fast decrease in resources. We have the power to control how the environment is affected.

 Blue tooth advertising, also known as proximity advertising, is a great way to prevent littering and wasting paper. Using a device called an Ad-Pod, a company can actively find every mobile phone user within a 100 meter radius that has Bluetooth on their phone. The Ad-Pod will then contact the person with a message that says “would you like to receive a message from Ingenex.” If the person says yes it will then digitally send them a flyer or video to their phone about Ingenex. All you have to do is upload an image and it will send out your message 24/7. This product originated in the United Kingdom. It is expanding its market and is on its way to becoming used more frequently in the future. It’s quick, easy and extremely environmentally friendly. These flyers don’t kill trees, waste paper or promote littering.

Display Screen technology also promotes being eco-friendly. Display Screen technology constantly loops a video of the company’s services or offers. This removes the need for paper flyers and keeps people more interested in whatever message the company is trying to deliver. The environment is being preserved while the consumer’s entertainment level is satisfied.

In addition to these environmentally friendly practices, there are also everyday things that can be done. Some may not seem like much, but they will pay off in the long run. Something as simple as evaluating how much paper you use versus how much paper you really need to be using. Printing out endless sheets of paper is not always the most environmentally friendly option.  Try only printing paper documents when necessary. Even when it comes to signing off on projects or documents, that can still be done electronically. Computer software providers such as Adobe have created programs for Digital Signature recording and security.  Also, if possible, try printing papers two-sided as opposed to one-sided. Although this may not always be the ideal option, even partial implementation will save a lot of trees.

For every ton of paper that is recycled, 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, and enough electricity to power an average house for six months is saved.  You can run a television for six hours on the amount of electricity that is saved by recycling one aluminum can. By recycling one glass bottle you can save enough electricity to power a 100-watt bulb for four hours.  With all this evidence supporting recycling, how could we not embace this opportunity to preserve our resources? We need to be more committed to  recycling in order to preserve the environment.  Also, instead of receiving junk mail every week and just continually throwing it in the garbage, take yourself off the junk mail providers list so the paper you would normally waste can actually serve a purpose instead of feeding your garbage can.  There are countless ways to be environmentally friendly, our job is to find those ways, use them in our daily lives and promote them at work and around others.