The Digital Bus: A unique experience

My three month internship at Ingenex Digital Marketing is flying by! Right now, I am approaching the end of my second month, and the company has recently launched its Digital Bus Summer Tour of 2013.

Ingenex Team

Ingenex Team

The goal of the Digital Bus is to promote our services and brand awareness via digital social outreach as we engage in activities and events on our summer schedule. During the summer tour we hope to connect with  people through the use of hashtags in order to create conversation and establish new relationships.

The Digital Bus visits awesome places beyond Michigan’s borders. Our 1972 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper also travels to Illinois and New York. We encourage people that see us on the road or in person to take a photo and tweet us using the hashtag #DigitalBus so we can interact with them!

For each summer tour, our team wears personalized t-shirts to help us brand and promote the bus as well as our company. This experience allows us to combine the digital experience with the real world and connect with our community.

Joao and Erin at Nickel's Arcade

Joao and Erin at Nickel’s Arcade

I’ll try not to be biased, but the 1972 Volkswagen we have is extremely cool! The Digital Bus provides a charming and exclusive identity to our company. Promoting the digital services we provide via our vintage van is very ironic, but in my opinion that’s why Ingenex is such a unique agency to work for. Though we are digitally immersed in our daily work, all team members are extremely social, outgoing and this opportunity allows us to combine our skills and personalities.

This is also an opportunity for us as a team to get to know each other better in different environments. The Digital Bus is an experience that not many agencies can provide, and I am very happy for the opportunity to be part of this experience.

Eco-Savvy Marketing in Ann Arbor: The Google Experiment

If you’re anything like me, anytime you find yourself uncertain about anything, you simply open your browser and ‘Google it.’ I do this literally dozens of times a day (I know, I know…) but until fairly recently had little awareness that I could actually have an influence on what results show at the top of the page. Enter the “Google Experiment.” Creating a more easily searchable online presence is one of Ingenex‘s many specialties. So, one of our assignments for this week was to pick several search terms, weave them into the title and body of our personal blog entries, cross-link everyone’s keywords to our blogs, and watch our chosen terms rise on Google’s search rank. We took two screen shots of our Googled our words pre-blog and post-blog to demonstrate the efficiency that cross linking blogs and blog entries can have. As I am interested in the environmental side of digital marketing, my chosen search keywords were Eco-Savvy Marketing Ann Arbor



Eco-Savvy Marketing Ann Arbor Before Picture

Eco-Savvy Marketing Ann Arbor Before Picture

Eco-Savvy Marketing Ann Arbor After Picture

As you can see, this experiment proved to be quite successful for my search terms. The rest of the Ingenex team’s blog entries and keywords proved to be similarly successful. Derek wrote on Digital Marketing Education, Pedro chose Experimental Marketing Michigan, Amanda did Marketing an Eco-Friendly Expansion, Nick chose Online Publishing Marketing, and Jennifer worked on Digital Eco Fusion. For more insights regarding keyword and search engine optimization, I suggest you check out their blog posts. Although my personal blog entry was not the first result, it was in the top four. Prior to my blog entry and my fellow interns cross-links, there was no one such thing as ‘eco-savvy marketing in Ann Arbor;’ rather it was a mishmash of vaguely relevant isolated words. Hopefully, after Derek and all interns have posted their weekly eco-friendly blog entry detailing their keywords and linking back to mine, I will see an even higher rank for ‘Eco-Savvy Marketing Ann Arbor’ on Google. This phenomenon, or keyword optimization as the digital pros call it, is extremely important when trying to digitally publicize a product, blog, person or website. Therefore, one’s keyword choice is something that deserves a special degree of thoughtfulness regarding the desired outcomes. As you could imagine, it is important to have several words that are more common and popular. However, if all of your keywords are fairly commonplace, it will be quite difficult for Google to return your desired page with a high rank, as these words are competitive and used frequently on many pages. If in 2-3 words you can carefully describe what it is offered on your site, then you are far more likely to achieve successful results. In the blogosphere, cross-linking to blogs using keywords can achieve similar results to running an online search. As our intern experiment proves, keyword optimization serves as a useful tool to spread the word about your product, blog or website. It can also be an effective tool for the consumer; I can’t tell you how many times I have chosen the higher ranked websites returned from my search. Keyword optimization will prove to be exceptionally useful, especially as we are actively expanding the eco-friendly internship across the midwest and using a variety of different types of media.

So until next time, keep Googling (thoughtfully, of course.)

Going Green with an Eco-Friendly Movement

In today’s day and age, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that we need to start getting serious about preserving our environment. Most people don’t often stop to think that if the environment continues on a downward slide the more our health, lifestyles, and basic ways of living will be altered. If the environment suffers, people suffer, and if the environment continues to be destroyed we are, in a sense, destroying ourselves. Let’s face it, without a healthy environment we can’t exist in the manner we have become accustomed to. Lucky for us more and more evidence supporting the fact that we need to preserve and protect the environment is surfacing. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, as controversial as it was, opened people’s eyes and made them realize and understand the effects of global warming.

As more evidence surfaces not only people, but companies are starting to become more conscious of the environment and the need to conserve our energy resources. A company that I recently interned with over the summer called Alsons Corporation, recently started to “go green.” Alsons Corporation is a division of the Fortune 500 company, Masco Corporation. Masco made a company-wide initiative throughout all of its divisions located all over the world to become more environmentally concerned and energy efficient. Masco is a major manufacturer and distributor of home building products. The Alsons division makes and sells shower heads and various other shower products. All of their packaging for new products is being designed to be eco-friendly. In addition to changing its packaging, the company has started changing light fixtures and equipment to be more energy efficient and has started looking for more ways to conserve energy. Alsons has also combined their operations to run primarily during the daytime to conserve energy by reducing the amount of time the factory and its components are running. The company is also cutting their energy use by reducing unnecessary lighting out in its parking lot, reducing the amount of time its water fountain operates and by encouraging its employees to continue this eco-friendly attitude within their own homes.

Businesses all over the world have started encouraging their consumers to be more environmentally conscious. Grocery stores such as Meijers and Whole Foods, to name a few, have started encouraging its consumers to buy environmentally friendly bags and re-use them every time they go grocery shopping. Wal-Mart, the largest company in the world, has made this a major focus within their company and they have asked their suppliers to join them in this cause. Nestle, the company that makes Ice Mountain water, started a program that reduces the amount of raw materials used in their bottling process. They have reduced the amount of plastic used to make their bottles by 25% and they also use PET, which is the most easily recycled type of plastic. All of their bottles and labels are recyclable and they have made their gallon containers reusable. Companies such as Intel and Apple have also jumped on the environmental band wagon. Intel claims to be producing more eco-friendly product designs, while apple is releasing the newest iPod Nano with arsenic-free glass and no PVC.

So, there is evidence that more and more people have realized that we must preserve the environment. Hopefully people will keep this attitude and continue to influence others to become more environmentally friendly as well. It’s great to know that when I hear the term “go green,” I don’t automatically think of Michigan State’s football team, but of a worldwide movement to be environmentally conscious. So if you already haven’t, why not be trendy and become eco-friendly?