Ann Arbor Art Fair takes on iPhone App

With four art fairs in one, it is almost impossible to remember all the different locations, events and artists that are present for the well-known Ann Arbor Art Fair. Jumping on the digital bandwagon, Art Fair has launched the A2ArtFairs Application for iPhone and iPod Touch. With mostly rave reviews on iTunes, this app is sure to be a hit for this event that takes place every year on the streets, just outside of Ingenex Digital Marketing Headquarters.

While, I can only access some of the features from my iPod touch (no GPS option) I found this app to be very helpful. Followed by an artistic introduction, the Art Fair staff has broken the application into seven sub categories.

  • Map – Features a color coded map outlining each of the four art fairs – the map can also point out your location if geo-location is enabled on your iPhone.
  • Artists – For those of you on a mission at this year’s Ann Arbor Art Fair, this is the feature for you. Sift through the large list of artists and types of art that they have on display. Once you have found what you are looking for, click on the booth number, and the map will show you how to get there.
  • Entertainment – What is an event in Ann Arbor without a little entertainment? View the list of entertainment, and filter through the performer name, stage and genre. This feature also shows you how to reach the entertainment destination on the art fair map.
  • Get Here – Not from the Ann Arbor area? Well the Get Here option is perfect for you! Learn about the A2 Art Trolley, park and ride option, downtown parking and more. This feature outlines the steps for different option of getting to the art fair and the rules and prices that go along with them. Find driving directions on your iPhone by clicking on the Google Maps button.
  • Sponsors – Every major event has sponsors, and the perfect place to recognize them is on a feature of the iPhone app!
  • Businesses – Ann Arbor is a busy city with a lot of business. Use this map to find all of the great Ann Arbor Restaurants, stores and more. (Also, check out the A Taste of Ann Arbor Posts)
  • Trolley – Experience the convenience of riding the trolley from art fair to art fair thanks to the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. This feature on the application will tell you where to pick up each trolley, and then where it will take you.

With all the information it features, the simple A2ArtFair app has the potential to be your art fair sidekick. Whether you plan to leisurely stroll through all the booths or look for one particular type of art, the application is your digital map, trolley guide and calendar of all the art fair events.

Get the App Here!

New Media Driver’s at Full Speed this Saturday

This Saturday, June 5, will mark the start of the fifth semester of  Michigan State University’s New Media Driver’s License Course. At 9 AM students will fill the Walsh College Campus in Novi, MI to begin their semester long social media training. As a past student in the course, I can honestly say that enrolling in this course is a decision that you will not regret.

With only one semester gone by since my completion of the course, I have already seen the benefits for myself, not only as an advertising major, but as a college student striving to build my personal brand and network for the life after graduation career search. And while the course did not do this for me, it taught me how.

During the social media training, students will learn to effectively use social media outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to benefit themselves and their future employer, or business. They will also build writing skills through weekly blogs about all things new media and learn to participate in online communication. That being said, it is also important to learn to monitor and track your digital involvement and the outcomes. No worries, the new media drivers license will cover that too!

If you missed the enrollment for this semester’s social media training, no fear, the Fall section will begin just a few months from now! And do not be discouraged if you are not an Advertising major, this class is beneficial for everyone. Yes, it may help future advertisers to better understand the realm of digital, but as digital evolves it is becoming increasingly important in every industry. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to build the opportunities of your future.