The Verizon iPhone: Will it be worth it?

There is plenty of buzz around the web about the announcement of the iPhone coming to Verizon. Along with those articles are numerous predictions of the immediate demise of AT&T at the hands of Verizon. Everyone, me included, has been rather impatiently waiting for the day when we would have an iPhone alternative to AT&T’s horrible network. Well that time is now, and I find myself asking whether my immediate departure from my current plan is the best solution.

I have been reading up on this whole Verizon iPhone and the best article I’ve seen so far was on Mashable called “Why the Verizon iPhone Doesn’t Spell Distaster For AT&T”, by Ben Parr. It outlined the several reasons why switching to Verizon, while most likely the best option, should be considered more carefully. He pointed out that there are several factors that you might want to consider before making the switch. First, Apple has increased their early termination fee to try to dissuade customers from jumping ship early. Second, the iPhone that you have now will not work on Verizon’s network; so you will need to buy a new one. Third, Verizon may have better coverage, but they have a much slower 3G network, so you won’t have all of the capabilities that your iPhone does now. Finally, when has Apple ever launched something that hasn’t had major problems at the beginning?

I was reading through this article on my iPhone, and wondering if there were a more logical alternative for this problem. Is it wise to switch immediately out of spite for the network that has let me down so many times? Or would it be a better idea to wait for Verizon to catch up with their technology and work out the kinks with Apple? It’s definitely something I would recommend you think about before you make the switch.

Of course, as I was reading this article, and thinking about this decision, my iPhone lost service and kicked me off the web… maybe it’s not quite as tough a decision as I thought.

Eco-Friendly Phone Charger by AT&T

Ahhhh, our beloved phone chargers – we all have them.  Some of us probably have more than one to leave at home, at the office, etc., and chances are, most of us leave our phone chargers plugged into the wall 24/7 (guilty as charged). Leaving our cell phone chargers constantly plugged in (when we’re not actually charging our phones) is obviously a huge waste of electricity.  We all have our excuses as to why we do it: we don’t have time to unplug them when we are rushing around getting ready, we forget to unplug them, we are too lazy, whatever.  No matter what your excuse may be, fear not – AT&T has what they call the ZERO charger – an eco-friendly phone charger!

The charger works by cutting off the power supply from the wall socket to the charger when the charger automatically senses if a cell phone is plugged in or not (how awesome is that?).  This five-star efficiency rated charger comes packaged from 100% recycled paper and is nearly universally compatible with any device including bluetooth headsets, iPods, and more. This device is great because it not only saves the environment, saves us money on our electric bill, and saves our conscious from feeling too guilty about harming the environment, but AT&T makes it compatible with a variety of devices so that we can all do our part to cut down on overusing resources.  Does anyone have this phone charger?  It’s definitely something very worthy of checking out!

For more on this topic, check out Mashable’s “AT&T Intros Eco-Friendly Phone Charger”