Boosting your online presence

You may not be aware of it, but the way you present yourself on the internet matters. It doesn’t matter if you are a recent graduate, a professional with years of experience or still a student, but dedicating a little attention to your online presence can boost your possibilities of promoting and getting a new job.

There are many social networking sites on the internet. Great tools for promoting yourself online are specialized sites like LinkedIn, which focus on professional networking, or Naymz, which focus on creating a reputational network of people that may potentially refer you. Other sites that you may want to check are, where you can create a professional profile within your company one, and ZoomInfo, a professional directory where you want to have your profile.

The problem with online networking is not if you use it, but mainly the way you use it. The main difference between these specialized sites and your MySpace or Facebook account is that the specialized sites give you little option to include information that you do not want other people to find about, while MySpace and Facebook do. The main thing with these two sites is that you may be giving an image of yourself that may be cool and fun among your friends, but that is clearly inappropriate in a professional environment. Is not only that your employer (current or prospective, it does not matter) is going to Google you, but they may also look for your information in these social networking websites.

I found via Scott Monty’s The Social Media Blog that according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 80% of the employers Google you, and 20% of them is getting into the social networking sites to learn more about you. Their main areas of concern are the following:

  1. Information about alcohol or drug use (41% consider this a top concern)
  2. Inappropriate photos or information posted on a candidate’s page (40%)
  3. Poor communication skills (29%)
  4. Bad-mouthing of former employers or fellow employees (28%)
  5. Inaccurate qualifications (27%)
  6. Unprofessional screen names (22%)
  7. Notes showing links to criminal behavior (21%)
  8. Confidential information about past employers (19%)

In other words, and among many other things, you may not want to post pictures of the last time you got drunk (especially if you are underage), and you may consider changing your screen name from JoeSixPack to maybe your real name/last name.

Finally, just try to think that your online presence may be as valid as your real-world presence, and that no one is anonymous on the net anymore, so you want to make your online profiles look as good as possible

Digital Media: Utilizing it to your Advantage

Digital media is becoming more and more prevalent as we venture forward into the future. As a college student, I find myself utilizing digital media more frequently every day. Most people do not realize how useful digital media is. Not only can it help you post your resume, network, and contact potential employers it can also help you find anything from an apartment, to a television, even a roommate.

College students, especially those who are graduating or have just graduated can use websites like Linkedin, Naymz, AboutUs and other various websites to create an online profile and post their resume. Vast amounts of employers then have the ability to view your resume and learn whatever you want them to know about you. It’s simple, fast, easy and expands you job and networking opportunities.

Not only college students, but advanced professionals as well can utilize digital media. Whether your company is new or matured, getting your name out there can greatly advance your business and networking options. Now I can understand that there are a lot of business professionals out there who do not have an adequate amount of time to spend on the computer on a daily basis. So why not safe yourself the time and tedious work and have someone else take care of everything? This is where Social Harbor comes in. Social Harbor is a professional profile management company. For a small fee, they will create an online profile that is current, SEO optimized and completely safe and secure.  It’s as easy as that.

Although digital media is something that is usually a positive thing, it does, like anything else, have its negative aspects. A concern of digital media is always privacy issues. Getting your name and information posted all over the internet can possibly turn into a negative thing; however, I can’t help but think about all the times I’ve used the internet to search for jobs, internships, people or other various sources of information. Throughout the years I have been informed of jobs and even my current internship because of the internet. I have also come into contact with old friends, searched for an apartment and have known people who even found their roommate using digital media. Even websites such as allow you to research housing throughout your campus, review ratings and pick which one suits your best interest. Although privacy will always be a concern, I can vouch from personal experience that as long as you are cautious with what you are doing the risks can be slim to none.  Just remember to be aware of what you are getting yourself into and what you are posting for others to view.

In this day and age digital media is almost impossible to not take advantage.  College students especially can utilize it to their advantage in addition to business professionals. Digital media can be used as a business tool or a source of information. Its possibilities and opportunities are endless. So  for all you up-and-coming graduates, current students and even business professionals, go ahead and explore the world of digital marketing if you already haven’t. It is what you make of it, and that could possibly result in something extremely valuable.

Activities At Ingenex

In my short time here at Ingenex I have already learned a great deal about the digital marketing world. It all started with self-branding. What is that you ask? Self-branding in the digital world is basically just getting your name out there, creating an online presence. There are many ways to do this, starting with avenues such as LinkedIn and AboutUs, you can create professional profiles. These new pages on the internet are searchable in all major search engines, letting you control what potential clients/leads may read about you.

Another very useful tool Derek has taught us is the manner of linking, or intertwining, these new pages. Once there are credible links going in and out of your pages, you have now become even more easily searchable on the vast web. If you do a good enough job optimizing the words on your page, even Google will recognize it with their Page Rank system. Keep things concise and professional, but be informative as possible.

Creating profiles on the two pages listed above, as well as starting (and maintaing) a blog, is a great beginning to your new digital presence. Try WordPress to get your blog going, and be sure to link all of these new sites together (insert a link to your new blog and AboutUs page in your LinkedIn profile, etc.).

You’ve just got your feet wet in the exciting world of Social Media Marketing (SMM), a form of internet marketing used to achieve branding (you are self-branding) through participation in social media networks. Don’t stop there! Continue to build out your pages, and explore additional channels for you to gain more recognition on the internet.