#SXSW Takes Over Social Media on a Global Scale

With all the hype of SXSW this year, its no wonder that social media was booming with the latest news on anything and everything that was going on during the festivals and conferences in Austin this year.

For those that don’t know about SXSW, it is an annual set of festivals, musical shows, and interactive conferences held in Austin, Texas. Started in 1987, the event has grown in popularity every year.

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According to an article by Mashable, there were over 1 million tweets in 19 different languages sent across the world. The event has been known to bring together hundreds of cultures, all joining each other to celebrate an interest in music, film, and interactive media. In total, 205 different countries were represented at this years SXSW, which explains its popularity internationally. While the US had a major lead on interaction (71%), it is still incredible to see countries and languages that are usually off the radar, like Romanian or Indonesian for example, still creating conversation.

This amazing digital interaction between people across the globe shows how much social media impacts cultures from all corners of the world. Even though we are limited by geographic location and language, we can all come together for events such as SXSW through an online medium. Social media has taken over control, it is the main interaction for people to talk about anything and everything. SXSW is just one example of how an amazing time can be captured and displayed across the world to millions of people.

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