Nick Meador

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended: Michigan State University

Year Graduated College: 2005 BS Zoology (and 2008 MA Journalism, also from MSU)

Current Job Title: writer

What you do on your job: I’m working on a book about individualism and psychology. I created a micro-site for the book where I’m posting updates:

Favorite Color: green (!!!)

What you learned in your time at Ingenex: I hadn’t taken any marketing classes in school since I was very dedicated to the theory behind journalism (and before that I was a science student), so it was great to get a basic “crash course” in digital marketing. I already had a lot of experience with online publishing, and the internship helped add many specific skills to my repertoire.

New Media Drivers License: no… I think that program began in winter 2009, after my fall 2008 internship ended

How your internship helped launch your career: Michigan Radio was thrilled that I had four internships in various communications fields (I had already done two with magazines and one with the Nature Conservancy’s communications department). The radio station had me working between their marketing director, programming, underwriting, and newsroom–so it helped to be able to produce multimedia content features as well as manage Google Analytics and assist with SEO projects. Basically the new rule is comprehensive ability. The wider variety of skills you have, the greater your value in the workplace.

What you have learned since being in the workforce: I’ve learned that I’ll fit in very few traditional work environments and I am the most productive working independently. Luckily the Internet and digital technologies (telecommuting) –along with cultural shifts that accommodate the growing “creative class”–are making that easier than in the past.

Advice to incoming interns: Don’t panic! The “real world” is a scary place right now, especially in Michigan. My personal feeling is that large universities don’t adequately prepare students for the demands of the professional world, partly because things are moving so fast and there’s just no way for them to keep up. So it’s great that people like Derek are committed to mentorship.

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