Megan V. Meade

Nickname: Meg

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended: Michigan State University for Advertising

Year Graduated College: May 2010

Current Job Title: Freelance SEO Copywriter for Ingenex Digital Marketing

What you do on your job: My main job responsibilities include- Designing search engine optimized landing pages, title tags and meta descriptions using online templates, MS Excel and Illustrator; Writing, editing and proofreading Adwords ads, title tags and meta-descriptions to supplement client web sites and meet PPC goals; Working with assigned staff to create search engine friendly web content through Google Analytics and online research; Using press releases to gain exposure to upcoming PR events while driving traffic to client homepages; and Registering client sites on free and paid online directories, to ensure web content is up-to-date and accurate.

Favorite Color: Sapphire Blue

What you learned in your time at Ingenex:
While working as an intern I was exposed to social media marketing, SEO, digital marketing strategy and online PR. I learned how to create AdWords ads, press releases, meta descriptions, landing pages and title tags for digital clients; and was able to collaborate with my fellow interns to produce daily posts on up-coming digital trends and local Ann Arbor activities for the Eco-Friendly Internship blog.

New Media Drivers License: yes, during the summer of 2009

How your internship helped launch you career: My time as an intern provided me an environment to learn the different digital marketing avenues and really define my niche within the marketing/advertising sphere. This helped me not only become a more effective writer, but also contributed to making me a technologically aware and well-rounded marketer.

What you have learned since being in the workforce: I have learned that there are multiple solutions to every problem; and that taking time to brainstorm, strategize and research can mean the difference between a successful, productive campaign and an unsuccessful one.

Advice to incoming interns: Try your best. Ask questions. Brainstorm how to improve. Be open to learn. And never settle for mediocre work.

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