Mary Beth Revard

Nickname: MB :)

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended:
-Undergrad: Albion College
-Graduate: Michigan State University

Year Graduated College:

-Undergrad: 2009
-Graduate: 2010

Current Job Title: Currently seeking employment

Favorite Color: Purple

What you learned in your time at Ingenex: SO much! Digital PR, SEO friendly writing techniques, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, and just how amazing the people at Ingenex are! 😉

New Media Drivers License:
Yes! Best class of my undergraduate and graduate career, by far.

How your internship helped launch your career: This internship was by far the most beneficial internship I have had in terms of gaining real-world experience. I had always been interested in technology, media, etc. and have had a passion for all things digital for as long as I can remember. While I was taking the New Media Drivers License class, I saw a post on Facebook about Ingenex looking for interns. Since I was loving the class so much, I was curious to see just what Ingenex was all about. From the first two minutes of being on their website, something just clicked for me. The work Ingenex does was exactly what I had envisioned myself doing with my degrees in public relations/communications. I was beyond thrilled that work with digital marketing/PR, new media, social media, etc. had existed! I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to become one of the interns for Ingenex and I’m so grateful that I did.

What you have learned since being in the workforce:
The Eco-Friendly Internship with Ingenex helped me realize and solidify my interest in social media/new media + PR, which has made applying for jobs a bit easier now that I have a concrete understanding of where I want to be professionally. Since many companies are including new media/social media into their business objectives, the places that I have interviewed with enjoy spending time talking about what I did with Ingenex since it’s a digital-based agency…something that many people are intrigued by. I know that the work that Ingenex is doing is ahead of curve, and I feel as though I’m at an advantage with my competition because I have had such beneficial and real-world experiences with Ingenex.

Advice to incoming interns:
Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. One of my favorite things I got to do during my time with Ingenex was write. I was so lucky enough to do several types of writing (from blog posts to press releases) all of which made me a stronger writer and gave me insight into the language and style of writing required for my profession. This internship is such a great learning experience on so many levels, it’s really what YOU make it. You aren’t doing “typical intern stuff.” You have the chance to prove yourself and everyone encourages you to do so.

Most importantly: HAVE FUN! :) The group working at Ingenex is awesome, to say the least. You’re working with people who are truly passionate about the work they are doing, the clients they work with, and they want you to have that same passion, too. Everyone was beyond willing to help me out whenever I needed it, and I am so appreciative for the friendships and connections that I have made during my time at Ingenex.

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