Lauren Weingartz

Nickname: Do not really have one, typically just go by Lauren!

Linkedin Profile:

College You Attended: Michigan State University

Year Graduated College: Currently attending, will graduation May 2011

Current Job Title:

What you do on your job: I plan to use my education and experiences with internships and extra-curricular activities to help my find a job after graduation.

Favorite Color: Dark Purple

What you learned in your time at Ingenex:
I learned a lot about digital marketing and good practices for tracking it as well as how best to conduct a client meeting or pitch. I gained a lot of experience in digital public relations.

New Media Drivers License:

How your internship helped launch you career: As I begin the job search, I can see my experience at Ingenex as a strong component to my resume. The digital background is an important thing to have as the advertising/marketing industries, more consistently, head to a more digital platform. In general, my experience as a digital marketing intern gave me quality work experience that I have found myself using in student projects and will continue to use in the future. It also taught me how to incorporate the three things that I take the most interest in; account planning/strategy, digital and social media and public relations; into one!

What you have learned since being in the workforce: Since I have not technically entered the workforce, I will go off of what I have learned about getting to that stage. A lot of what students do in the future is dependent on what they have done in the past, and that is why internship type experience are so important. They are the stepping stones of a real job out of college, that help to take away the feeling of being completely lost on your first day.

Advice to incoming interns:
Enjoy your time at Ingenex. There are a lot of people to learn from that all have different specialities. Take advantage of any new task presented to you and make sure that you get the most out of your entire experience. Oh, make sure to add everyone on Skype your first day!

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