John Maurer

Linkedin Profile: John Maurer

College You Attended: MSU

Year Graduated College: Spring 2009

Current Job Title: Media Planner

What you do on your job: Digital media planning and buying for Dodge/RAM National

Favorite Color: Blue

What you learned in your time at Ingenex: At the very least, having wherewithal in the social media is important for any organization. Knowing how to use it is where you become dangerous

New Media Drivers License: No

How your internship helped launch you career: Parlayed into my next internship as a primary talking point while networking. Having the internship showed that I was passionate about the digital space and was doing something to learn about it.

What you have learned since being in the workforce: That sitting around all day talking strategy, emerging media and trends is often but overshadowed by the day-to-day junior level tasks. However, when you get the opportunity to do so, make it count.

Advice to incoming interns: Don’t look at blogs as an assignment, it will get lost on your to-do list but use the opportunity to seek out a topic that sparks your passion and are interested in learning more about.

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