Brian Vandeputte

Nickname: Mr. Awesome

Linkedin Profile:

College Attended: Farm School (aka The Michigan State University)

Year Graduated: Three years before the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar.

Current Job Title: Art Director at the VCU Brandcenter (May 2012)

What do you do at your job: I bend ideas with my mind, and whip CS5 to do my bidding

Favorite color: Hazel

What you learned at your time at Ingenex: Derek isn’t as intimidating as I thought he was the first time I met him (IRL, he’s a big ‘ol teddy bear). He doesn’t make you feel dumb when you’re learning something new. Ingenex got me comfortable before getting in bed with digital.

New Media Driver’s License: Nay

How your internship helped boost your career: Resumé booster, fo shizzle

What you have learned since being in the workforce: Ideas are the currency of the future.

Advice to future interns: We’re all failures, and we need to fail more. Stay humble. (If you’re wondering, “Hey, his nickname is Mr. Awesome, WTF? He totally contradicts himself!” I was being facetious.)

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