Spring 2009 Internship Openings

The Digital Marketing Internship at Ingenex will run again Spring 2009 for Michigan State University students. This intersnhip meets for two hours at Ingenex headquarters in Ann Arbor each week. You will have 5-10 hours of work on your own. You will learn Digital Marketing techniques including: Online Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Podcasting, Search Engine Marketing, and Google Tools.

I am looking for some talented students looking to start a career in digital marketing. This growing field is where the action is these days. This internship program has been growing since it began in Summer 2008. It has also evolved into a class at MSU – The New Media Drivers License. This two credit class begins on Saturday, January 10. I am taking less interns this semester as the class will take a lot of my time. However, I am looking for a few good men/women who want to learn and have some time this semester. This is non-paid, and can be done for credit.

If you’re a good candidate, respond quickly please. Submit in 200 words or less a comment on this blog why you are a good candidate for the Eco-Friendly Internship. Tell me your goals for the future. Why are you interested in this position. And a bit about yourself. I will pick 2-3 good candidates and you will know soon if you have been accepted. Ask some of our past interns their experience if you have questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Derek Mehraban – CEO Ingenex Digital Marketing

PS. Here are two interesting projects you will help on in Spring 2009. Social Harbor and Nudge Them.

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  1. Intern Applicants – three of you posted comments here as an application. I speedily approved them, and for some reason they did now show up as comments!

    I have no record of who you are as the comments seem to have deleted from the site. Drat!

    Can you please repost your comment application here? I hope it’s not too much trouble. Let me know if you were one of the three that had originally posted, and if this is a repost. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Derek Mehraban

  2. (Repost):


    I feel that it is very appropriate to call myself an internet addict. As many people do, I have accounts to most social networking and b/vlogging sites. While studying at Michigan State I have constantly wondered what little niche of advertising I want to break into. After interning at McCann Erickson last summer, I have been very focused within the Digital Media and CRM World. Ideally, I want to be working for a Digital vendor after Spring 09 graduation (my dream would be R/GA or Digitas in NYC) within management, and eventually end up with my Project Management (PMI).

    For the Eco-Friendly internship, I’ve had a lot of experience working with the digital media vendors and could contribute to your team very efficiently and creatively. Advertising is constantly evolving- and the digital aspect is a part that I want to learn more about by surrounding myself in it. I have a very strong work ethic and produce only the best that I can (my work reflects who I am- as well as the company’s).

    Please look at my personal website that I’ve created to brand myself:


    Thanks for extending the offer,

    Jeffrey Bobick
    MSU 09

  3. I want to stay in Michigan to be part of the generation that improves Michigan. I have worked with some great leaders at MSU to make this goal a reality. John Hill and Kelley Bishop, who are part of career services/alumni association, have helped mold me into the entrepreneurial minded individual I am today. They gave me the chance to head up marketing for a major campus event called Earn, Learn & Intern. By focusing on connecting MSU students to mid-Michigan jobs and internship opportunities we have made a difference. The event grew from 400 attendees in 2007 to 1,600 attendees in 2008. This event has introduced me to the Greater Lansing area and was a major reason for the success of my first ‘real business’ endeavor of publishing a campus magazine that is distributed in all the residential halls. I have created a staff of around 20 students who have produced three issues with a top distribution of 10,000 copies in our first year. However, print media is moving online. I will work to put the teachings of the internship in action and continue to invest in education of myself and others as you have done with this internship.

  4. Adam and Jeffrey:

    Thanks both for applying. I will check out your credentials and get back to you on Monday.

    Jeffrey, please connect w/ me on FB so we can chat. Adam, we are already connected. Thx.

  5. I would love the opportunity to take part in the Digital Marketing internship at Ingenex. The past four years of my life have been preparation for a career in marketing communications. From the beginning of my degree program there have been tremendous changes that have molded my chosen path into the digital realm. This semester I will take three classes that directly relate to the internship at Ingenex – Interactive Advertising Management; Advertising Campaigns, which with a group we will build an ad campaign from the ground up; and an Information Technology Project, where we will have the opportunity to design a digital campaign. The details are unclear at the moment, but I’m excited for it. Needless to say I will have my hands full this semester but I thrive in chaos and joining the team at Ingenex as an Eco-Friendly intern will definitely be mutually beneficial to my coursework as it will to the program. A little about myself: last semester I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, ice hockey is my sport of choice, I am constantly listening to music (Jane’s Addiction currently), and I love doing anything outdoors and active. From speaking with former interns at Ingenex, they have had a great experience as interns and speak passionately about the opportunity given to them by Ingenex. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to take part in the Eco-Friendly Internship. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Resume and References available upon request.

    Thanks for your time,
    John Maurer

  6. (REPOST)

    Hello, My name is Katira Lewis and I am a student at Michigan State University in my 4th year of study. I am originally from Lansing, MI and have lived in Michigan my entire life. My major at MSU is Advertising and I would like to specialize in design. Some of my strong points are my organizational skills and my attention to detail. Some of my goals for the near future are to obtain an internship to gain real world experience, to finish my Spring 2009 semester with a successful outcome, and to take summer classes at MSU to hasten the completion of my college career.

    I believe that I would be a good candidate for the Eco-Friendly Internship because I am very eager to broaden my understanding of design in media and I believe it would be a great compliment to my advertising major and design specialization. The internship would offer me real world experience, on the job training and experience, and insight into the career path that I have chosen. Because the internship is unpaid I know that my participation will be solely for the experience and knowledge that it could give me and not simply for a paycheck. I am interested in this position because the internship sounds interesting and appealing to me on many levels. Some of the perceived benefits that I can gain from the internship are that I can expand my design knowledge, have more interaction with people in a work environment, and have more practice working with others in a team setting on projects and assignments.

    I look forward to contributing to the Eco-Friendly Internship’s reputation of producing well rounded and competent individuals. If chosen I will make the most of this rare opportunity and will work to the best of my abilities in everything that the internship entails. Thank you for your consideration of me as an applicant for this position.

  7. I was a part of the first Eco-Friendly Internship through Ingenex under Derek. I can’t say enough about Derek and the opportunity he gave me in teaching me the aspects of digital marketing. I am currently an Account Coordinator at Campbell-Ewald in Detroit working on direct mail pieces, web site maintenance, and newsletter email blasts. I truly owe a lot of where I am today to Derek and the Eco-Friendly Internship for giving me the digital foundation that’s almost necessary in this day and age. If you have the opportunity to take part, I strongly suggest you do. Good luck to everyone applying! If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact me!

    -Kevin Conlon; Summer ’08

  8. Hello Derek,
    I just sent a request into Ingenex Digital Marketing for information about hiring.

    Upon further investigation, I found this.

    What a great opportunity.

    Is this internship open to University of Michigan students?

    If so, please let me know and I will get in my application asap.

    Thanks so much,
    Christopher Rizzo

  9. Hi Derek,

    I wanted to express my interest in the green marketing internship. I was looking forward to being a part of the NMDL course in Novi, but the 2nd meeting unfortunately falls on a critical weekend for our AAF Campaign.

    I’m an advertising major in my senior and over the past year, I’ve developed a great interest in the ever-evolving world of new media and the potential it has (and already uses) to not only change the face of business, but our personal lives as well.

    That said, no matter how far we advance in a technological sense, nothing will ever replace the importance of the people behind the curtain, the writers, the thinkers, the ones who employ the technology and the people they expose it to. That’s where I believe my strength lies. After growing up with a Seuss-inspired love of nature and one of the first PC-driven educations, I bring both passion and skill to the table that would make me a great candidate for this internship.

    I want to learn but I also expect to contribute, and this internship looks like a tremendous opportunity for both.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    :: Nate Erickson

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