Social Media Etiquette for Vacation

With summer nearly here, vacations are in the works. And you know what that means: poolside activities, boating adventures, and family outings! I know what you’re thinking. Oh no! My swimsuit doesn’t have a waterproof pocket for my cell phone!

Instead of being the one in your family glued to your iPhone, constantly checking your emails, utilize the Internet to add value to your trip.

A social media article on Mashable highlights ways to integrate tech toys into vacations without seeming distant. Aside from navigation apps and searching for local events in the places you visit, there are many social media apps that you can use to find local deals such as Foursquare and Gowalla. These apps are great tools to use when visiting a new city. You can filter your searches based on recommendations from your friends, distance and location, or simply what type of place you want to go to. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to find a restaurant or an activity to check out without knowing the area and ended up somewhere totally off the wall. With these apps the days of choosing a hotel or nightlife venue by picture are over!

With photo sharing apps such as Instagram, and group messaging like GroupMe, friends and family can stay connected by posting messages and exchanging photos. You can share group photos and funny experiences with your fellow trip-ees or give the people back at home a taste of what their missing. It’s a good way to document a trip and tell a story at the same time.

Instead of feeling left out, your friends and family can be included in all your posts and online activities. Its a great way to decrease the gap between digital savvy teenagers and their parents. You can still maintain an online presence while your dad saves some serious dough on a family trip to the museum.

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