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In the spirit of Ingenex’s Digital Chat this Friday, it seems relevant to discuss exactly how Pinterest can be a successful part of a business’s social media strategy. Here are 3 helpful tips for businesses to leverage the popularity of this successful market in ways that will make them stand out!

Tip #1: It’s not about you.

You don’t need to be glaringly obvious that you’re trying to sell something–after all, slow and steady does win the race! Subtlety is always far more effective when it comes to Pinterest for business use. If you try to post pins that are still relevant to your business, but also interesting enough that people won’t feel like you’re only interested in their money, you’re far more likely to generate traffic through your page. An example: Oreck. They’re a vacuum cleaner, air purifier and carpet cleaning company–and although that sounds like a bore of a pinterest page, think again. If you visit their site,  you’ll see that they feature boards of  cute animals, gorgeous blue interior designs, pictures of fun party decorations, and many more. Although these boards aren’t all about vacuum cleaners, they still relevant and do relate to a clean home, but most importantly, they’re iNTERESTING! Nobody wants to go on Pinterest to be sold a vacuum cleaner, but if you’re site is appealing, they’ll be far more likely to go to your page and get your company exposure.

Tip #2:  Everybody loves a story

Look at your market. What do those people want to hear about and see? Define that, and show it! For example, Nordstrom has many fashion boards, with one of those being from New York Fashion Week. You’ll notice that many of the photos are actually from backstage, but the photos feature links that will take you to their website to view the clothes and purchase them. Fashion-lovers want to see what happens behind the scenes, because it makes the model’s look seem more real, and within grasp for themselves as well. By telling a story, from backstage chaos to poised on the runway, customers can relate and will ultimately purchase more from your store.

Tip #3: Have a showoff board!

You don’t have to bury your brand on your page, it’s okay to brag a little! A great example of this is with Vineyard Brands. This wine importer business has an extremely exciting Pinterest page, with creative boards such as “The Art of Wine” where they feature beautiful artwork that is centered around wine and winemaking, “Amazing Wine Apps” that show some fun and helpful tips such as recipes for cocktails, reviews of different bottles, and more! And tucked in their page is a board entitled “Our Wine In The News”, that show reviews and articles that feature their brand. This is a great way to show customers not only that wine drinking is a cultural sensation, but that their wine is THE best wine out there. This will draw customers in and give your brand the positive image it needs to be successful.

With so many potential customers using Pinterest, it’s vital to draw attention to your business’s Pinterest page in the right way. Stand out without being overbearing, tell and story, and don’t be afraid to show off a little–after all, people need to see that your business IS the best!



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