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   Jordan Preuss is currently pursuing a BBA in Marketing at Eastern Michigan University with an expected graduation date of December, 2015. Along with his studies as a full time business student, Jordan also works as a server at Sava’s restaurant on State st. in Ann Arbor, as well as interning at Ingenex Digital Marketing. 

“One of the most important roles in any and every business, is knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of your clients, and knowing how to relate to them on more than just a business relationship.”

 —  Jordan is passionate about others and thrives on making each person in his life feel perfectly at ease around him. Knowing the principles of marketing, and having a basic knowledge of digital marketing, his goal is to learn as much as he can at Ingenex, and apply the knowledge gained from his education, along with the skills learned at his internship, making him a prime candidate in a future career.–

So what does Jordan do for fun? Summer in Michigan allows for great mountain biking, motorcycle riding and wake boarding. Sort of a thrill seeker (aside from anything involving heights), Jordan loves to be on a boat, jet ski, or kayak. Family is a major influence in Jordan’s life, and being around his family and friends is when you will see Jordan at his best.

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