Emily Bohne


Emily is a graduate of Michigan State University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Art History. Her love of museums led her to participate in the Museum Studies program, as well as concentrate in French, Anthropology, and Professional Writing. She also studied abroad in London during Summer 2012 at Regent’s University (she went to the Olympics and it was awesome).

She completed training at the MSU Writing Center in Writing Center Theory, which gave her the tools to help others become better writers. The course also taught her a lot about herself as a writer and made her a more conscientious communicator.

Emily is a former intern for the MSU Alumni Association where she corresponded with high-profile alumni on behalf of MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and assisted at International Board Meetings and MSUAA sponsored events.

She hopes to take her writing and content production to the next level with an internship at Ingenex and is very excited to learn more about the digital marketing world!

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