Google AdWords Display Network

There are two networks that you can post your ad to in Google AdWords.  The first is the search network where ads will be displayed on the Google search engine page.  The second is the display network.  The display network is a combination of image, text and video ads that can be displayed on millions of different websites including YouTube, Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and much more.  Google AdWords implements your ad on websites you can manually choose or automatically through AdWords.

The display network gives you the perfect chance to use digital marketing services for you or your company.  The display network advertising option is a great way to use images and

photo credit: deryckh via photopin cc

photo credit: deryckh via photopin cc

videos that invoke emotional or meaningful responses to get people interested in your brand, goods. services or website.  It also gives you the opportunity to reach new customers by advertising on the websites that they visit most because you have the ability to select where your ad will appear!

The display network uses similar algorithms as the search network using keywords that you have chosen to find the best sites to put your ad on.  Using negative keywords can be helpful too, you can make sure your ad doesn’t get put on sites not relevant to your ad even though the site may include your keyword.

If you want to convey your good or service through an image or video then the display network is going to be the perfect option for you.  Especially if your good or service can use a heartwarming message that simply wouldn’t have the same effect as a text ad.  Google’s Ad Gallery gives you templates for free that make designing your ad easier with a design team and if you don’t have on you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you!


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