An Overview of Account and Campaign Management in Google AdWords

photo credit: Kinologik via photopin cc

photo credit: Kinologik via photopin cc

In the previous blog post we learned about the basics of Google AdWords.  This post will focus on managing your account and Campaigns for your Google AdWords account.

When you sign into your Google AdWords account there will be several different tabs that each serve a different purpose.  The “Home” tab will give you an overview which will be a summary of the important account information.  “Campaigns” tab will give the user the option to create, edit and delete campaigns.You can also create ads and manage campaign settings.  The “Opportunities” page is where you will find new keywords, improve your bids and budgets and overall this page serves the purpose of helping you improve your campaign.  “Tools” helps you manage and improve your account.  Using this page can help prevent future issues.

The Gear menu gives you access to your billing information letting you enter/change billing details, see your billing history and print invoices.  Also in the tools page is account

photo credit: rbrwr via photopin cc

photo credit: rbrwr via photopin cc

settings.  In account settings you can control your personal information such as sign in name and user preferences and allow other users to access your AdWords if you desired.

A few things to note down when starting up your accounts with Google AdWords.  First off the currency that you choose to pay with can not be changed once it is selected.  So it is important to select the currency you will be using.  Second, the time zone you select can only be changed once.  If you need to change it more than one time Google requires you to contact them.  If you wish to change your email address for AdWords be aware that this will change your email for all Google products including Gmail!

Google AdWords has 3 main types of notifications.  One is an alert that will let you know if there is a problem with your ad or campaign and this can be found in the red box on the account screen page.  Then there are 2 less critical notifications that tell you about an update or new feature and one to tell you ways to improve your campaign.  Both can be found in the preview bar at the top of your screen

Campaigns are used to control your different ad groups.  In your campaign you can set a budget for your ads, you can choose what network you wish your ad to be featured on and you can set the location and timezone where you want your ad to be on at, along with many other features.

Organizing your campaigns can be extremely beneficial for you.  If you’re organizing your campaigns and ad groups it can make the difference between someone clicking on your ad and someone not.  How so?  Well consider someone searching for running shoes, if your keywords are not organized by ad group the ad that could appear may be for dress shoes.  With organization and planning, the only ad that would show up would be one specifically tailored for running shoes.

In Campaign Settings you can change your campaign name so it relates to the theme of what your ad is.  You can change the “Type”, the settings shown to you, allowing you to delete features you will not need and customizing the ones you want to use.  The “Sub Type” can also be managed in campaign settings which determines the settings and options that will help you focus on your business objectives.  Most importantly, you can manage the Networks your ads are on.

There are 3 Networks currently offered on Google AdWords, Search Network, Display Network, and  Search Network with Display Select.  A Search Network is where your ads

photo credit: HelloImNik via photopin cc

photo credit: HelloImNik via photopin cc

will be displayed on Google search engines.  The Display Network is where ads will be featured on websites that Google handles advertising for.  The Search Network with Display Select is a combination of the two.  There is 2 subtypes that you can pick for the Search Network and the Search and Display Network and 1 subtype that you can pick for the Display Network which is the “all features” with text, images and video ads on the website.  “Standard” and “all features” are offered for both the Search Network and the Search Network with Display Select.   For the Search Network  all features includes all standard settings along with ad delivery and all ad extensions.  For the Search Network with Display Select the “all features” subtype is the standard setting plus varying targeting methods, and ad deliveries.

Campaign Settings also give you the option to customize devices (laptops, tablets, phones) you want your ad to go to, as well as location and language settings for your campaign.  Once you get familiar with the previous setting there are more advanced settings options that contain ad scheduling and ad deliveries.

Once you get your campaigns all set up you have the ability to copy and paste one campaign and edit that one so you will never be required to start from scratch.  AdWords can have as many as 10,000 campaigns per account and 20,000 ad groups for each campaign! This is why organization and understanding how campaigns are set up and run is so important.

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