Olympians Say “Get Fit!” On Facebook

There’s nothing more motivating than having an Olympic athlete encourage you to exercise–let alone getting that motivation through a social media outlet that you use on a daily basis. Facebook has partnered with GE to launch a new app just in time for the Olympic games, called “Healthy Share”. This application is designed to provide users with different challenges that will help them achieve better health. Even better, people can track it publicly on Facebook to help motivate friends as well as hold themselves accountable.

The digital marketing director at GE shared that the partnership with Facebook was a natural fit. Because Facebook revolves around sharing and connecting, it can be a powerful source of motivation when applied correctly, especially regarding physical fitness and health. They decided to use this power of friends and people supporting each other online to motivate users to get healthy. Once you get the app, you can undertake various challenges, and that update will show up on your news feed. If you click on that particular story, the app’s landing page will pop up, which will then show other friends that are using Healthy Share while also providing more details on its use.

The app features many healthy living tips, such as how to eat healthy and get more physical activity in your busy day to day life. More uniquely; however, 2012 Olympians give specific challenges to participants. Once you complete a challenge, you can check it off and let your friends see that you’ve completed it for both encouragement and motivation.

Although this app features 2012 Olympians, it’s geared to last much longer than this summer’s games. Many Facebook employees believe the combination of Facebook’s large user base and the culture of sharing will incentivize people to follow through with their fitness goals. After loging in and trying it out, it’s an absolutely phenomenal app and very well put together. There’s no doubt in my mind that this app will be a huge success–it already boasts over 500 members in less than a day!

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