Now trending: Mac & Cheese

Social media has transformed the way companies market their products and, in my eyes, Kraft Mac & Cheese is the newest front runner. I logged in to Twitter yesterday and was surprised to see that “Mac & Cheese” was trending. I know, as well as the rest of the Tweetos, that whenever something is trending, there is a story behind it, but I couldn’t figure out why people’s tweets were including the phrase “Mac & Cheese.” Shortly after, I was perusing Mashable and discovered that an article was written about why the lunchtime delight was trending on Twitter.

To my surprise, Kraft has a type of game going, known as the Mac & Jinx promotion, in which the winner receives five free boxes of mac and cheese and a T-shirt. The game goes something like this: any time two different people tweet using the phrase “mac & cheese,” they’ll each get a link pointing out the “Mac & Jinx.” The first one to click the link and give Kraft his or her address wins. This contest is so different than the traditional “enter and win” contests and I think it’s a great idea. Twitter is revolutionizing the way we get our news, keep in touch with friends and now they are changing the way we participate in contests.

It’s great to see that companies are getting creative now, and I love the fact that Kraft is making it relatively easy to win the prizes; you don’t have to jump through hoops or have some special talent to be a winner. Anyone can participate in the contest as long as he or she has a Twitter account. I also like that there are numerous winners; everyone has the chance to win without dropping their name in a hat and finding out months later that they won. I love that Kraft is embracing what new age technology has to offer with its Twitter contest.

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