New Job!

Sure, I was excited when I landed an internship this past summer with Ingenex. My first real internship, learning about real things, working in a real office, doing things that mattered, not just classwork for a grade. But I could not see the real excitement around the corner.

I quickly absorbed as much information as I could, and boy did it pay off! I eagerly took on a few extra tasks, putting in some office time in addition to the internship. Derek took notice, and after some time was excited to offer me a full-time position here at Ingenex.

I thought I was excited before, but this, THIS is excitement! I’m more than ready to kick things into gear with Everything I learned during my internship time will be put to good use, actual use, from here on out.

The Eco-Friendly Internship at first take provided me with a plethora of information, extending my education beyond the classroom into real-world applications. The internship has now proven to be a substatial stepping stone towards my new digital career with Ingnex.

Stay Tuned!

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