Motor City News: Jeep’s Effort to Broaden Brand Reach

Auto enthusiasts around the world are buzzing about Jeep’s futuristic new look and nameplate. Not surprisingly, Jeep’s sleek new design and nameplate is causing quite the stir in social media, especially among loyal Jeep customers.

Photo by: Chrysler-Group

The new crossover vehicle represents a radical departure from the previous Jeep designs and is designed to broaden the Jeep brand’s reach. The brand’s nameplate, which dates back nearly 40 years, is a highlight that is hard to ignore and followers are not shy to voice their concerns about the new look.

Critics report via Twitter that the new design is “ugly” and that the vehicle looks too much like a sports car and not like a Jeep. While this change in design could potentially appeal to a new set of customers, various Jeep supporters feel that the company is making a mistake.

Photo by: Automotive Rhythms

Will all this social media hype surrounding the crossover’s debut help to market the 2014 Jeep Cherokee? One can predict that conversation about the brand will at least generate awareness, making it likely that people will check out the product and decide for themselves what they think.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee makes its public debut at the New York International Auto Show this week and goes on sales at U.S. dealers late this summer.

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