Marketing an Eco-friendly Expansion: Googling for Results

Recently, we were asked to do an experiment involving coining a term and monitoring its search results on Google. The goal is to eventually get the term to show high results on the Google search engine. We were asked to take a snapshot of the before search on our term, in addition to blogging about it and linking it. The rest of the Eco-friendly internship team as well as Derek, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing, all came up with Google phrases as well. Katie Hyzy chose “Eco-savvy Marketing Ann Arbor,” Nick Meador chose “Online Publishing Marketing,” Pedro Martin-Panadero chose “Experimental Marketing Michigan,” Jennifer Harrison chose “Digital Eco Fusion,” and Derek chose “Digital Marketing Education.” I am curious as to what the results of this experiment will be and how long it will take to show high results. Here is a snapshot of my before page:

The term I chose was Marketing an Eco-friendly Expansion. This term was meant to convey the meaning that people need to not only be eco-friendly in their own surrounding area, but should be encouraged to instill and expand an eco-friendly way of living to people all over the nation.  I have lived in various areas for a significant period of time and have witnessed firsthand how people are the key ingredient when it comes to preserving the environment.  One of our jobs for the Eco-friendly Internship is to not only utilize digital marketing but work toward a sustainable future.

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