Job Hunting The Smart Way.

Finding a job or internship can feel like an impossible task. In a perfect world HR departments and headhunters would read your resume and the phone calls would start pouring in.

Because most of us live in the real world, we know that doesn’t happen. This process requires a lot of time and patience, two things I never seem to have enough of. Dead end emails and phone calls are discouraging. You’re young, fresh out of college and there seems to be a billion other people just like you. So many people stress the interview process and forget the most crucial part, actually getting an interview for a real world job.

So how do you make employers notice you in a sea of highly qualified, intelligent and experienced job seekers?

Answer: Think like Lindsay Blackwell. Blackwell, Social Media Director, at digital marketing agency Ingenex, is a woman who knows how to turn heads.

When a position for Social Media Director at the University of Michigan was created in 2011 Blackwell applied in a big way. She realized she had the opportunity to use her unique skill set. Blackwell created a viral marketing campaign that would get the attention she needed from the right people and get an interview…and hopefully a job.

The “Dear Lisa” campaign combined social media, video and web design elements to market herself directly to the person she hoped would be her boss one day, Lisa Rudgers.

The “Dear Lisa” homepage received over 70,000 pageviews from over 18,000 unique visitors in 78 countries. Her story was picked up by news outlets and was shared and discussed on social networks and blogs.

She even gained attention from TheEmployable, an online community devoted to helping people find and search for jobs. Blackwell was recently quoted an TheEmployable’s new ebook, “How to Search and Apply for Jobs.”

Her tactics worked and interviewed for the U-M position. Blackwell ultimately accepted a job offer from Ingenex as Social Media Director.

As an intern at a social media marketing agency and a young professional, I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn directly from Blackwell. But, you don’t have to work with her to learn a few important job search lessons. Be honest and direct. Be focused and thoughtful. Show your skills. Be brave. If all goes well, and the phone calls for interviews start coming, be open to new opportunities.

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