iphone comes to your provider

Cell phones are no doubt getting to be a all in one piece to replace your wall calander, home phones, handheld game system, camera, flashlight…..The king of these new cell phones seems to be the Apple iphone with its consistantly high reviews and competitors quickly coming out with touch screen phones to just keep up with the popularity Apple provided with this touch screen cell phone technology.

Only problem for all of us who love the iphone is it isnt available on our network. Rumor has it Apple iphone won’t ever be available for our networks due to long term contracts with AT&T.

Wait! I found this piece of digital software that came out toward the end of January. Read quick bio below

“UK based iPhone unlocking Ltd. has launched its new 3G iPhone Unlocking software, which gives iPhone 3G owners the ability to use the smartphone with any network provider worldwide and also enables MMS, video recording, instant messaging, and the use of third party applications. The company promises full 24 hour customer support via email, live chat and by phone. This 3G iPhone Unlocking software costs about 16 pounds, or 23 bucks” For more information click here.

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