Interview with an Intern

Our summer intern program is coming to an end next week. For three months our team of five interns had the opportunity to gain more experience in the field of digital marketing. Today, one of our interns, Jessica Morrow will gave a snap interview about her experience.

Photo by: Chelsea Hensbergen

Photo by: Chelsea Hensbergen

1) What motivated you to have an internship at Ingenex Digital Marketing?

Derek Mehraban taught my New Media Drivers License class. The class was very interesting and helpful in making the most out of my social media pages. I was excited to learn how to apply what I learned from that class to real-life client situations.

2) What did you learn during your three months internship?

I learned about the importance of blog posts and SEO and how to write them in a way that is appealing to read. The use of links and pictures not only keep the readers’ attentions, but it adds credibility and searchability to your posts.

3) What was your favorite experience?

I liked the fact that people with all different forms of education and majors could come together and work for one company. Some of the employees were self-taught, some have computer science degrees, advertising degrees, journalism degrees, and more. But these different forms of knowledge were able to mold together and make Ingenex successful.

4) Do you think this internship will help you find a full time job?

This internship has helped me gain the writing skills and writing samples that could be appealing to a potential boss during a job interview.

5) Could you give some recommendations for anyone that would like to be an intern at Ingenex in the future?

Be ready to write. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when writing posts. Most importantly, don’t be shy and talk to the other interns!

If you have any other questions for Jessica or other interns just click here!

By: Joao Mattos and Jessica Morrow

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